Progress Update: Retiring Progress Update

matts ms multiple sclerosis progress update

First of all I just wanted to point out that I will be writing multiple postings today, I have a couple things I want to write about but I am trying to keep everything organized. So for this posting lets talk about the obvious: My progress! I’m sure that’s exactly why you dedicated yourself to reading this posting in particular! Haha…

So I have not been taking my minocycline at all and what do you know, my nausea is finally gone! My joints are still kind of achy but my skin is no longer tender to the touch and my muscles don’t feel as achy. I think my joints are still hurting a bit because I have been oversleeping and I tend to sleep on my sides weird plus I have not done any kind of exercising or stretching in a long, long, time. Although… I don’t know how to explain the pain in my heels… Either way, I feel a lot better so that’s good.

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