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Exacerbation 2.0 – MS Hug, Hiccups, and More

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If You Have Nothing Nice to Say, Don’t Say Anything At All

Hey everyone, just wanted to say sorry for my lack of blogging. I’m taking the advice of the above words. Right now I simply have nothing positive to say so I need to take some more time off while I figure my life out. Once my mood improves I’ll continue to blog but right now I just can’t.

-Matt Allen G

Why is Matt So Depressed?

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I was thinking this morning amongst the depths of my depression, I have never really explained why in full I am actually depressed so often. I always mention in my Facebook MS group that “I’m depressed today” and I’ll maybe offer a minimum explanation as to why but never the full story. So I wanted to take the time to try to explain why I am so depressed and why it’s such a constant issue for me. I hope this will help people better understand where I’m coming from and why I have such a hard time getting through the days of life with and without the Multiple Sclerosis factor.


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I probably don’t have to say it but I’ll say it anyways: my appointment went really well today! I don’t even know where to start! Doctor was great, office was great, everything was great! And as the title says,