Progress Update: The MS Plan

Multiple Sclerosis MS plan treatment

I have been talking a lot about how I’m not doing so well lately but I don’t think I really mentioned what the plan is. I heard a quote one time that I couldn’t agree with more and it goes something like this:

“A goal without a plan is just a dream”

I have a goal but I have not had too much of a plan but at this point I think I know what I’m trying to do now. As far as my health is concerned I plan on trying to get my next neurologist to set me up with a plasmapheresis treatment followed by a week of IV steroids to hopefully help clear up some of the symptoms I am currently experiencing. I will then (with the help of some friends I have met on Facebook) find a doctor who will prescribe me LDN which I hope will bring me the same results it has brought so many others. I will of course continue taking Copaxone alongside the LDN because I’ve read that Copaxone is the only disease modifying medication you can take with LDN. This will hopefully be my next course of treatment of course with the help of dieting and exercise. Will this work? Who knows but it’s definitely worth a try! Obviously my current treatment of pharmaceuticals on top of pharmaceuticals is not doing me much good so it’s time to try the route that unfortunately makes our beloved pharmaceutical companies make less money, I mean…. Help… Less… People… Yeah…

I have an appointment with my new neurologist on the 28th of June so hopefully some good will come from this and I won’t drive all the way out to Fontana to hit another roadblock. I know this was kind of a short posting but I will have more content coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Progress Update: The MS Plan

  • June 16, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    Yiya Matt,

    We have someone in our support group that went the plasmapheresis route and he has seen remarkable improvements so far.

    I am not a believer in the DMD's myself but I truly believe in the power of exercise!

    Good luck with you new neuro I lucked into finding a wonderful one. i am in the Kaiser system also so I know how important finding a great PCP can be. I just kept going to the admin/patient assist office and complained and complained LOL.

    Finally, my gynecologist called a doc she felt would be awesome and got her to accept me as a new patient. That is how I finally got a super PCP.

    Keep keeping on!


  • June 16, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    Haha Yeah I will be doing my fair share of complaining, I just filed a formal complaint not too long ago so yeah someone will help me eventually haha!

    And exercise doesn't seem to help me unless I am doing something that I don't realize is exercise liek hiking because I think it helps my stress as well. I'm not sure haha.


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