Progress Update: Autoject Was Acting Weird Today

ms multiple sclerosis autoject mistake copaxone

This morning I had an odd experience with my autoject. Has this ever happened to you? My daily injection routine started out like any other day, heated the injection site for 5 minutes and sterilized with alcohol. Then I inserted my needle into the autoject, adjusted the depth, removed the cap, pressed the button, felt the slight prick of the needle and then…. And then not much happened… Usually at this point I can hear the click, click, click, of the autoject administering my medication but today it was more like “click………….click………….click”.  I am used to everything going as planned when it comes to my injections, I have never had an issue before, so when something was going different I didn’t exactly realize something was going wrong, I just knew something was slightly different. I looked down at the Autojects window and still no red indicator… Was the spring broken?

It sounded like it was getting slower and slower so I decided to just pull the needle out. Oops. Guess the spring was not broken. The autoject squeezed the plunger down full force squirting medication everywhere… Although this was not funny at the time it’s rather hilarious in retrospect haha… So not sure what happened but I didn’t get my full dose today obviously and the injection site is now a nice little red bump which is unusual for me as well… Was this a mechanical issue or did I somehow inject into a really “dense” area of my stomach allowing no easy path for  the medication to flow? I have no idea… Guess I will have to wait and see tomorrow!

On a side note I didn’t take my minocycline last night or this morning and though I am not completely cured of my nausea it certainly feels much better today… I really don’t want to take it tonight because I have just been miserable the last few days and of course don’t want to do anything to prolong this feeling of nausea… But we will see… I just want to feel better so that I can start looking for a job as I am out of money and the bills are still coming… I feel really screwd at this point but that is another story. Since I’m not apparently going to get any better but I’m also not disabled I just got to suck it up and go with the flow… For now…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Find a softer spot to inject. For most part my wife has no problems what so ever. Also I'm pretty good at it too. Quit looking at the glass and seeing it half empty, see it as half full.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    "I feel really screwd at this point but that is another story. Since I'm not apparently going to get any better but I'm also not disabled I just got to suck it up and go with the flow… For now…"

    I realize now that my sarcasm did not make its way into my writing, I don't feel that way, just my doctors but I know they are wrong, Ill prove it soon enough haha.

  3. Alison says:

    I would say it is most likely a tough skin spot. I have a good injection story too though. I once forgot to remove the cap, hit the button, and obviously nothing happened. My bf wouldn't let me take the cap off because he said it would shoot, so inside tried to take the two halves apart. The result was my injection hurling across the room and hitting me in the leg. Luckily, the cap was still attached. Safety first, ya'll. 😀

  4. Rosie PL says:

    I'm learning from these stories……due to start taking Copaxone in a couple of months….will start taking notes!!

  5. Matt Allen G says:

    LOl ok I think that story beat mine haha! That's hilarious! And yeah you might want to spare yourself from these kind of events if you can, take notes away! haha!

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