Help Matt Raise Money to Get LDN!

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Hey everyone! So as you know I have not been having much luck with Kaiser and getting proper treatment so I have been seeking a doctor who is willing to prescribe LDN to me, something that many people have very good luck with BUT do to the fact that its so cheap and works wonders most doctors won’t prescribe it and pharmaceutical companies won’t support it… However, with the help of a really good friend of mine who is sometimes called “The LDN Queen” I found a Doctor in Palm Springs who is an LDN advocate and sounds really good! Without insurance he is actually pretty affordable to see especially compared to some of the other doctors I have called!

So I’m really excited! I set up an apointment for July 7th at 9am! The first visit will be $160 plus the cost of any labs and then he will require me to see him every 3 months to check on my progress. WOW! A doctor who is proactive??? I am so shocked! This FUELS my excitment! HAHA! Anyways, each of thos follow ups will be about $70, NOT BAD AT ALL! A little more then my $20 co-pay with Kaiser but those co-pays have done me no good so far so $70 is ok with me if it keeps me healthy! I REALLY hope LDN works for me like it does for so many others!

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Progress Update: Next Doctor in Line Please

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So I have to admit, I have a lot of anger built up in me right now… I’m so frustrated with the way that our medical system works and I’m so frustrated with dealing with Kaiser. I hate feeling like I am at the same intellectual level as the doctors I am seeing. They may have a little bit more textbook knowledge but when it comes to common sense or thinking outside the box I honestly feel like I am more competent than most these doctors at Kaiser… It should not be that way, that thought, that feeling, should never cross a patient’s mind…

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Progress Update: MS Pain and More Medication


Well, it looks like it’s time to add a new symptom to the list: pain… for about a week now I have been experiencing a muscle or joint like pain in my heels, shoulders, arms, and elbows. Sometimes it radiates down my back a bit or up my neck but it’s mostly in my arms and shoulders. My skin, usually on my left arm, also gets really tender to the touch, it’s kind of unusual and very unpleasant… At first I thought it might just be a result of exhaustion and fatigue but no matter how much rest I get the pain doesn’t go away…

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