Progress Update: 4 Days Without Any Medication

multiple sclerosis ms pills medication

June 5th was my birthday and that morning I took all my medication like a good little boy with a demyelinating autoimmune disease but once I arrived in Palm Springs I decided that I wanted to take another brake. Now I was going to keep taking my steroids and some of my other pills but I actually forgot to take everything… The next day I forgot again. The following day I realized that I had not been taking my steroids and I wasn’t really dealing with horrible withdrawal symptoms! I was at about 10mg a day when I stopped and now it’s day 4 without medication and surprisingly I feel ok. I have been rather tired lately and had a horrible time trying to sleep the other night but this is more then likely not a result of me stopping my steroids but rather a result of me not taking my sleeping medication… The fatigue, well, you know, that;s just a part of MS.

Now I am not going to stay off everything for good, I am simply not going to take my Prednisone anymore. I have read that when you have been on steroids as long as I have you should taper down from about 10mg a week, to 5mg a week, to 2.5mg a week, to 1mg a week (roughly) but since I stopped at 10mg a week and have not experienced the symptoms I experienced when I stopped at about 20mg a week I think I can go ahead and skip the rest of my tapering. Starting Monday I will resume my injection routine, resume taking my vitamins, and hopefully start eating a little better and getting some exercise into my schedule so that by time school starts back up I’ll be feeling a little more pumped up. Plus summer is just about here and I will need to do everything I can to battle the 100 degree weather…

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