Progress Update: New Test Results and MRI In

multiple sclerosis MS MRI lesion
WELL… Good news and bad news (kind of). So far all my blood tests have come back normal. This is what has processed so far:


5/24/2011 LEAD, BLOOD
All my numbers are within normal range. My potassium levels were just 1 point above average so everything seems to be fine at the moment. Whether they were elevated a month ago when I was still taking 750mg of potassium I don’t know, never will but at the moment I am no longer taking potassium supplements and my levels are ok.
Now the kind of bad news: Picked up my MRI films today (well they are on a disk) and reviewed the MRI report. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before on my blog but the last Neurologist I saw who IS a complete idiot had sent me a simple, short, letter in the mail saying that nothing has changed on my MRI, everything is the same as the last. Well, wonder what the report says?


Again seen are multiple scattered hyperintense T2 lesions in the periventricular white matter. Three of the lesions are new in the right frontal and temporal periventricular white matter. One lesion in the right splenium of the corpus callosum is no longer evident on this exam. No abnormal enhancement following the administration of contrast.

No acute hemorrhage or acute infarct.

The ventricles are within limits.

No midline shift. Midline structures are preserved.

Central flow voids are seen.

The paranasal sinuses mastoid air cells are clear.”

multiple sclerosis MS MRI lesion

Now I couldn’t tell you exactly what all this means YET* but I can guess with great confidence that this implies that something is DIFFERENT then my last MRI like the part where it says “Three of the lesions are new“. So either my neurologist didn’t actually read the full report, is completely incompetent, or he flat out lied to me since I hurt his fragile ego and sent him a nasty letter. He can expect another nasty letter and I am definitely filing a formal complaint. I mean, had I not obtained my medical records and reviewed the report myself  would have had to go on to believe that what he said was true and that nothing had changed. This information is crucial in my choosing of therapy and could have ultimately resulted in permanent nerve damage, who knows! Bottom line is he is messing with my health now and I have not been this angry in a long, long, time.

So anyways, I have some research to do so I can figure out exactly what this report is talking about.  I get the basics but I want to know what all the detailed terminology is. On the MRI itself there are lots of really light spots, some are even really tiny but I can’t tell if they are lesions or just white matter. All I know is I didn’t see those on my last MRI so I’ll have to try to compare the two. But I circled what looked like the main lesions on a few of the scans. What does this mean? I don’t know. I think it means I need a REAL neurologist’s opinion and I need some new treatment plans because obviously I am getting worse, not horribly worse, but I’m not getting better.

Just for the record: SHAWN KAZUO HIGUCHI is the neurologist I last saw. I do not recommend that ANYONE visit this guy…

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  1. oh boy matt, lots to say…first, I am sorry…second, try to calm down and not be mad…third, find a new neurologist, pronto. I found out the hard way that posting my frustrations about my neuro/medical team here on the internet really made things difficult for me for awhile…just sayin', from my experience. Good Luck!

  2. Soph says:

    Three new lesions? Is that a lot? Three doesn't sound like a lot, but hell, I know less about this than you do. I hope you'll get a decent explanation soon and that you will be fine! Don't let the doctors annoy you too much.

  3. Matt Allen G says:

    Haha well, it might make things more difficult in some manners but that just makes me fight harder. Emotionally it's good for me to vent though haha!

    I did just make an apointment with a new Neuro in Fontana so fingers crossed.

    As to whether or not 3 is a lot or not, I'm not sure, and I don't care, what I DO care about is the fact that my Neurologist lied to me. He said there were no changed and the fact of the matter is that there WERE changes, whether they seem small or not to him I don't care. If something is different tell me.

  4. Melinda says:

    Okay, so those are very interesting pictures of your brain. With my vast experience in reading MRI's, I personally think your lesions look small. LOL! I have the experience of looking at approximately three MRIs of Janice's brain and it seems like she has a whole lot more white spots – not to be bragging of course. (I think that kind of experience qualifies me to read 'em) Good luck in figuring out what all that terminology means. I gave it my best shot and came up with nothing so let me know if you figure it out. Oh and don't worry too much about the white spots as they do sometimes go away. I don't get it but it happens. Just hope that when they go away they take the symptoms with. I love it that you are getting some labs done too. Good job in being proactive man!

  5. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeah I have been pretty productive lately, and yeah, they seam smaller then before but now there are just more which kind of goes along with my symptoms. Before I had a few MAJOR issues now I have a bunch of small issues. Funny, I predicted that my next MRI would show new lesion in my frontal lobe because I was having mood swings and a few other cognitive issues that are controlled by the frontal lobe. Too bad I was right lol…

  6. Matt Allen G says:

    The spots also look less INTENSE, before they were really really white and now they look more "ghostly" haha.

  7. Mrs Kenn says:

    My neuro says you can have symptoms without lesions. The fact that you have three new lesions doesn't necessarily mean they were there when you had your last MRI and also doesn't mean your neuro lied to you. Changes can occur between MRI's and also not show signs of disease on the MRI.
    I have had MS for over 23 years, and don't agree on bad mouthing a neuro. They themselves have to follow the process because lesions don't show up and when they do may look minor compared to your symptoms.

    It is ok to be aggressive about your care, but to publicly post a neurologist name on the internet I firmly disagree. I think you are new at this disease process and taking your frustration and anger out on your neuro. Nobody like the disease. For instance my hubby has been seeing a neuro for 5 years and still doesn't have a dx. he has all the symptoms of ms but no lesions show up on his MRI. He has the same neuro as I do. My neuro I have had since 1989. MS is not an easy dx.

  8. Matt Allen G says:

    I understand what your saying and where your coming from but I think I am in a rather neutral state of mind at the moment and still believe that my accusation that this specific neuro is a poor doctor is a rational accusation.

    I know another patient of his with MS and she has had the same experience… He laughs at the things you suggest and has told her the same thing he told me about my symptoms: "They are permanent and you will pretty much have to deal with it for the rest of your life". How can he know this just by looking at my chart? He has only seen me one time and I have only had the disease one year.

    Basic reason and logic implies that he has poor judgement, that would apply to ANY profession. So I honestly don't feel like I am in the wrong. I know the science behind my health issues but the fact of the matter is, the report said the MRI was different, he said it wasn't. Symptoms aside the MRI is different and he should have told me that. A neurologist is no better then any other doctor (even though many of them probably think they are) and they deserve no more respect than any other doctor. Their job is to take care of us, the sick, and if they can't do that then it's our obligation to warn others that seeing a certain doctor may be harmful to their health. We have to look out for each other because no one else will. If he doesn't want patients talking down on him then he simply needs to make sure he's taking care of business properly. I'm not the only that has a problem with this guy I'm just the only one with a bit of a voice.

    At the very least he needs a checkup on his "bedside manors".

    But again I respect your opinion as we are all entitled to our own.

  9. Jax76 says:

    I think in every profession there's good and bad, so it is possible that some Neurologists will be better than others, the same as lawyers, driving instructors, teachers etc.. I've came across a lot of Drs as you know and while most have been great, some can be dismissive and disinterested and ultimately make mistakes. Knowledge is power so I agree, no matter how small, he should have took more time with you. Did you ever find a replacement neuro?

  10. Matt Allen G says:

    I agree but nope, never did. Hopefully changing insurance soon so I can find a REAL neurologist haha…

  11. LPSHard Kore says:

    Ive learned that these very small foci can be genetic and happens with aging and are a normal part of that sceniro.but yes very scary to see until you understand,yes continue to be aggressive with your health.

  12. sandysusan says:

    I applaud you and found your site helpful. Thank you for your bravery in public. Sophisticated thorough MRI readings are a necessity understanding for neurologists and the problems with subtrained, subept fatheads will go on derailing lives.

  13. sandysusan says:

    I applaud you and found your site helpful. Thank you for your bravery in public. Sophisticated thorough MRI readings are a necessity understanding for neurologists and the problems with subtrained, subept fatheads will go on derailing lives.

  14. sandysusan says:

    I applaud you and found your site helpful. Thank you for your bravery in public. Sophisticated thorough MRI readings are a necessity understanding for neurologists and the problems with subtrained, subept fatheads will go on derailing lives.

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