Progress Update: New Doctor and New Pills

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Today was a rather successful day! Saw my new primary care practitioner (family doctor) and he was probably the coolest doctor I have ever had. He listened, he was open to everything I had to say, and he said the most respectable thing a doctor can say: “I don’t know”. To me that earns all the respect I have to give because now I know that this guy is honest and does not have the stereotypical God complex I have been dealing with for so long. I didn’t have to worry about him saying “No, that can’t be, I know it can’t, so testing for it would be pointless because I know, I’m a doctor, I’m THE doctor.”

Nope, this guy ordered every blood test we brought up and then some just because there really wasn’t any reason why not to order them. Worst that can happen is we find something or ruled something out. So I was very satisfied with this visit! Had about 9 tests ran (so they took a lot of my blood haha) and hopefully the results will be in soon. Also ordered a copy of my MRI so hopefully I’ll have that delivered soon as well! Oh yeah, really eager to see what my Potassium levels are, Ill get into this in more detail later but, come to find out, excessive levels of potassium (which one of my neurologists prescribed to me) can cause a lot of the symptoms that I am experiencing… Those symptoms are pretty much exactly like MS symptoms so it would be really easy to think the symptoms I have are just from the MS and not a side effect… Again, I’ll touch on that in way more detail probably tomorrow when my results come in hopefully.

When I got home I started doing a little more research on the Vitamin supplements finally. I chose the top Supplements I thought I should start taking (and could afford), bought another “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday” pill organizer, and filled it up, literally: I can’t fit any more pills in the containers haha! I made sure to check for any kind of drug iterations that might be present and only found one: St. Johns Wort. Interacted with some of my medication so I tossed that one out of the picture and seem to have a safe set up. I’ll start taking them all tomorrow and see where that takes me. Man, looks like I’ll be achieving my life long dream of owning my own pharmacy sooner then I thought! Next couple of weeks should be interesting! Will keep you posted, thanks for reading!

List of Supplements I’ll be trying:

Vitamin C
Ginko Biloba
Fish Oil (Omega 3 Fatty Acids)

If there are any interactions you know of among the above supplements please let me know before I die, haha thanks!

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