Progress Update: Getting around

Well, made it to Starbucks this morning. Half hour walk, maybe 2 miles, not bad at all. I bought some lottery scratchers on the way at the gas station and hopelessly scratched them as I was waiting for my strawberry smoothie here at Starbucks. Nothing. As much as I expected actually. So now I’m sitting here wondering what I’m going to do about a car, a job, and all that good stuff. Man… This smoothie is not that great…

So yeah I am in a weird mood, I have a lot on my mind. Past, present, future: All one pot of thoughts mixed up together. I miss my old coffee shop by my old work, It’s a grind… Way better then Star bucks both by taste and customer Service. I knew everyone there, they all knew me, I almost never even had to order. I would just walk in and they would ask if I wanted the usual and they would get it started. I miss them, they used to sit and talk with me when the shop was slow, it was really nice… Now I’m stuck with nasty Starbucks. At least I don’t drink coffee anymore.

I have $1,500 saved up for a car… Funny, when I don’t have cash I can find some really great deals out there for that cheap but now that I have cash I can’t find anything but a bunch of broke down pieces of junk… Not sure what to do about that… I really want a car so I can go out and start looking for a job where there are actually jobs available, AKA: NOT HERE. I hate this town, I really do… It’s time to move out, it’s BEEN time to move out.

My home situation is driving me mad, litterally: I can barely maintain my sanity and keep my cool. I have been eating my dinner in the backyard just to get away from the noise… I have no privacy at all. The walls are paper thin I can hear everything so even when I DO get a moment to myself I don’t feel like I’m alone because I can hear everything going on in the house. I tried waking up early today to have some time to myself before everyone else woke up. On ANY other Saturday everyone would sleep in till 9:00 or 10:00. NOT TODAY. 6:30 and everyone else was up to. What the hell… Why??? Man… I need to hurry up and finish writing this book and sell it for like a cool one million bucks hahaha, that would be great. Seriously though… I would be happy with a $2,000 advance haha.

Anyways, I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m just writing. My symptoms are no different, probably even worse. My fine motor control was SHOT yesterday in my left hand. I could not type at all, it was so damn frustrating! I finally had to walk away from the computer at one point otherwise I might have broken something! I could list everything else that’s wrong with me still but I’m not going to waste my time soon that today, just read the last blog haha nothing has changed. Man… I need some change…

Uh-Oh, just realized I forgot to take my medicine AGAIN… Better set an alarm so when I get back home I’ll remember, ugh. Thanks for reading.

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