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Progress Update: New Test Results and MRI In

multiple sclerosis MS MRI lesion WELL… Good news and bad news (kind of). So far all my blood tests have come back normal. This is what has processed so far:


Progress Update: New Doctor and New Pills

vitamin supplement MS multiple sclerosis treatment

Today was a rather successful day! Saw my new primary care practitioner (family doctor) and he was probably the coolest doctor I have ever had. He listened, he was open to everything I had to say, and he said the most respectable thing a doctor can say: “I don’t know”. To me that earns all the respect I have to give because now I know that this guy is honest and does not have the stereotypical God complex I have been dealing with for so long. I didn’t have to worry about him saying “No, that can’t be, I know it can’t, so testing for it would be pointless because I know, I’m a doctor, I’m THE doctor.”

Progress Update: Prelude in C Major

MS Multiple Sclerosis Music Piano

So I can finally drive again! I got car insurance so I can finally drive my Dad’s Mustang, feels good to drive, to be able to get out and not worry about dying of exhaustion on the way to my destination! To celebrate (and take a brake from the stress of life) I decided to go hang out with my fiend Rodney. I actually ended up spending the night because I just needed to get out and hang out you know? First day was awesome, I felt normal again: I could drive, I had money, I could go out, it was good for me. Second day was not so great.

Progress Update: Getting around

Well, made it to Starbucks this morning. Half hour walk, maybe 2 miles, not bad at all. I bought some lottery scratchers on the way at the gas station and hopelessly scratched them as I was waiting for my strawberry smoothie here at Starbucks. Nothing. As much as I expected actually. So now I’m sitting here wondering what I’m going to do about a car, a job, and all that good stuff. Man… This smoothie is not that great…