Progress Update: Bad Idea – How Heat is BAD for MS

heat multiple sclerosis ms

Note: Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors… 
My cognitive functions are not performing at 100% today…

So today I pushed the limits of my heat tolerance… My dad was doing some cleaning on the side of the house where I had left two large particleboard sheets that I bought as backdrops for my photography as they were meant to look like brick. They got left out in the rain which basically melted the particleboard which is pretty much just really thick cardboard. The boards became warped so I figured I would just toss them out… They were no longer any good.

So I began folding the boards in half over and over splitting them into smaller and smaller pieces. No big deal, nice and easy. Sure it was about 82 degrees out but it didn’t feel that bad because we were in the shade and there was a nice little breeze. After I finished tossing everything in the trash can I stood there outside for a minute looking at all the cleaning we had done. Then I realized I felt kind of weird… Dizzy… Almost like I was blacking out… So I went inside to grab a glass of water and cool off.

At this point it seamed as though the closer I got to that ice, cold, glass of water, the dizzier I got. I drank some cold water, grabbed an ice pack, layed down on the floor, and through the ice pack on my chest. I felt like I was about to pass out. I almost felt high like I had just popped a bunch of Vicodin. AC on, fan on, and ice pack. Took a while but finally I felt like I wasn’t going to pass out. All better now?


Looks like I screwed myself over for at least the day if not longer… My balance and coordination are horrible. My blind spot is really bad… Can barely see half my keyboard… Left side of my body is really weak and the fine motor control in my left hand is worse then usual. I still feel a little dizzy and of course all this is making me really clumsy: as you can see… Another broken glass… I feel like crap.

heat multiple sclerosis ms

I’ll be taking a cold bath soon, maybe that will help, all I know is that it was very stupid of me to mess with the heat when I’m already not in the best of health… The problem is, after a while, you get comfortable with your disability and forget that your not feeling 100%… You begin pushing the limits because without knowing it, you have become content with your 70% being your 100%… At least maybe in my case…

I need to be way more carefull… I could have hurt myself pretty bad today… Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Be careful out there in the heat!

13 Responses to Progress Update: Bad Idea – How Heat is BAD for MS

  1. Draven7 says:

    Dude, I couldn't go out in heat without my cooling vest years ago. Within a week of using LDN, I never wore my vest again. Incidentally, if you didn't know it, the MS Society gives away a free cooling vest and other supplies. Vest is actually pretty nice.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    I heard about that but never looked into it ironically (considering I live in the desert). I can't remember if I asked before, but how did you get on LDN? I started looking into it but I am SURE my doctors would laugh me out of their office if I brought it up…. Kaiser….

  3. Sherri says:

    I do the same thing Matt…. I get to feeling pretty "good"… but like you said… it's more that I am used to how I'm feeling, my new normal… things are going alright and so I tackle something that maybe I shouldn't…. or that maybe I should break down into smaller tasks and do a bit at a time… then I pay for it for a few days… bleh Hope you start feeling better soon

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeah that's not right… we shouldn't have to settle for "the new normal" like my latest neurologist implied I should… Just because I am used to it doesn't mean I am any less disabled… It's not right…

  5. briana says:

    My neurologist wrote a Rx for LDN for me. I think he thinks it is not necessarily helpful, but as I had already flunked Copasone and Rebif and was not/am not ready to jump on the Tysabri or Gilenya wagon, figured it won't hurt me and maybe it will keep me quiet. Although he is still trying to convince me to pick a poison. I have heard some people get their regular doctor to prescribe it so aks around. If you are on Daily Strength's website there is an LDN support group and they have lots of information.
    Maybe you've already found him, but is another great site. Marc is into photography too. The site is super informative. And entertaining.
    I know what you mean about spelling. I used to be a real spelling snob, so maybe it's just. And don't even mention numbers. Glad I found your site. Cheers.

  6. Draven7 says:

    Not really, Matt. My doctor said she has other patients taking LDN as well, in addition to the shots. I was introduced to it via a friend on the internet support group "Dailystrength." This guy hounded me for months and I brushed him off until, finally, I decided to give it a try. I had to use a phone doctor for my first prescription. This is a list of these doctors that is available. You may want to go this route to test the drug first. Whatever you do, start with a small dose, no more than 1 mg. You'll be surprised to learn how many people are actually on LDN. The MS Society for the first time wrote about it in its quarterly magazine. Join DailyStrength and talk to people using it. Good luck, dude!

  7. Matt Allen G says:

    I'll look into those websites and Ill try to find that MS Society article. If I have to go to my PCP I will haha because I'm ready to try something new. Dieting didn't help and Copaxone/Steroids is only doing so much if anything… Thanks guys!

  8. Willowtree says:

    That's the thing about heat – it's a ninja that will take you out before you know what's going on! I wrote about this earlier in the month, check it out if you can, but if you cant really be bothered. Here's the address to a site that provides free vests.

    MSAA has other pretty cool programs too!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  9. MKAD says:

    Watch out carefully or we'll get used to these new normal and forget to fight back. I hope you're doing well now, Matt.
    I'm looking into LDN too. If you can find that MS Society artile, pls send me the link. Thanks a bunch!

  10. Matt Allen G says:

    It is very brief, scroll almost all the way down and you will see it

    (Low-Dose Naltrexone)

  11. Matt Allen G says:

    And Willowtree, I will read your article tomorrow, its bedtime for me haha! Thanks in advanced!

  12. MKAD says:

    Thanks, Matt. Almost nothing new. I guess I knew it all about LDN. I just need time to make my decision :))

  13. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeah I am still trying to do more learning :^b

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