My Thoughts: Single Again


Once again I am single. Can I blame this one on MS? No, not really. MS no doubtingly didn’t help but I can’t blame this breakup on MS alone. Truth is my Ex and I just weren’t a good match for lack of better terms… We had our issues, we worked through as much as we could, but in the end, if it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be… And… I don’t think it was meant to be. I won’t get into the details because that’s between my Ex and I, no one else.

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Progress Update: This MS BS is Getting Old

ms multiple sclerosis relapse symptom

As I have mentioned many times before, everyone has their up’s and down’s and as positive as I struggle to be I inevitably experience some down times… Right now is one of those times… I have been trying my best to stay positive but it seems as though life is kicking me while I’m down. My MS symptoms have been getting worse… My eft leg is really weak and has very little coordination in it. It also feels like I need to stretch it all the time but no matter how much I stretch it that tedious feeling won’t go away. It’s not painfull it’s just unpleasent.

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Progress Update: PILLS! Back on Prednisone

multiple sclerosis ms medication medicine pills

Yup… Just when I thought I was going to be done with the Prednisone for a while I’m right back on it… Obviously I tapered off too quick and started experiencing withdrawal symptoms along with a flare up of MS symptoms… Got some more Prednisone and immediately took 40mg after getting home from the pharmacy. Two hours later I felt a bit of energy and a lessening of aches and pain. By the next day My aches and pain were gone, head ache was gone, vision was better, no nausea, and full of energy…

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Progress Update: Time to Slow it Down…

ms multiple sclerosis symptoms prednisone

Well… So much for getting a job, making the money, and leaving my symptoms behind. At this point I would consider myself to be having a full out exacerbation not just a minor flareup. My left leg is really weak, loosing it’s fine motor control, and coordination causing poor gate. It’s probably hard to notice right now unless your looking for it because my body is compensating for it just like my first exacerbation my locking my knee in place so I can still walk on it. Last time this led to really bad knee pain but it hasn’t been acting up long enough to lead to that yet.

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