Progress Update: Bad Idea – How Heat is BAD for MS

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So today I pushed the limits of my heat tolerance… My dad was doing some cleaning on the side of the house where I had left two large particleboard sheets that I bought as backdrops for my photography as they were meant to look like brick. They got left out in the rain which basically melted the particleboard which is pretty much just really thick cardboard. The boards became warped so I figured I would just toss them out… They were no longer any good.

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Q&A : Occupational Therapy Student Questions

multiple sclerosis ms q&a question answer

A student from Saint Louis University recently emailed me asking if I would participate in a kind of Q&A and I of course said yes! She is going to school to become an occupational therapist, an important roll in the health care industry for many patients including people with Multiple Sclerosis. An occupational therapist works with patients to help them learn how to resume their daily activities or “occupations” with their disability allowing that patient to hopefully maintain a sense of independence . For example, and occupational therapist might help me learn how to compensate for my loss of fine motor control by teaching me various exercises that pertain to my particular daily activities and my particular disability.

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Happy Easter 2011 – MS IS BS

ms multiple sclerosis easter

Happy Easter! I don’t know about your part of town but here in So-Cal it’s nice and gloomy! Even getting a bit of rain on and off! This for most people would mean a crappy Easter but not for me! This is my favorite kind of weather! Perfect Temperature for MS, not dry and nasty, and I love the smell of rain hitting the asphalt more then anything! I’m serious! I love it!

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My Thoughts: Doctors, Are They All the Same?

matts ms multiple sclerosis doctors

So I saw my new neurologist today… At first I felt like I liked him much better then my previous but after a while it was obvious that he wasn’t much different… He was not as quick to throw medication at me, in fact, he didn’t prescribe me anything, he just recommended that I taper off my Prednisone after I suggested it… At first it seemed like he might know a little more about MS then my previous neurologist but he to was quick to shoot down the idea of any alternative medicines… Not that I was asking for anything, I just wanted to see if he was more open and he sure wasn’t…

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