Progress Update: Feeling the MS Fatigue Again…

multiple sclerosis ms fatigue

About a month or so ago I started tapering off my Prednisone (Oral Steroids). I did not want to have to buy another bottle of pills so I counted how many pills I had and evenly divided them out so I could taper as slowly as possible off what little pills I had left. I thought I had enough to taper down about 5mg a week but I recounted this morning and realized I am way short… I have no idea how I messed it up but now I am having to taper down at about 10mg a week til the last week where I have to drop down another 10mg halfway through the week. Then I will be completely out of Prednisone and hopefully off of it for a while as that is my ultimate goal. If I can stay off the steroids for a while then next time I have a flare up they will probably do me much more good then they do now as my body as no doubtingly built up a tolerance after 7 months of taking such a high dosage.

Now over this last week I had already dropped down about 10mg instead of 5mg (which makes the fact that I am falling short on my pill count even more weird) and already I am feeling the effects of not having as much Prednisone in my system as usual. Headaches are slowly creeping back into my life and worst of all my energy as been dwindling… Once again I am feeling the effects of MS fatigue…. I woke up today feeling like crap: huge headache, no energy, just crappy all around. It’s only noon and I just feel like garbage. I do not look forward to the next three weeks as I taper completely off my steroids at a pretty quick rate compared to what I have been doing for the last couple of months.

Hopefully I can stay active enough and eat the right foods to give me the energy I need, the energy I have been for so long getting from my steroids. All I know is I hate feeling like this as any other MS patient does… It’s effecting my productivity and my mood… This is going to take some adjusting…

2 thoughts on “Progress Update: Feeling the MS Fatigue Again…

  • March 27, 2011 at 10:57 am

    I think Fatigue is one of my most frustrating symptoms of MS. My fear is that others just think I'm lazy. Some have trouble sleeping; I just want to sleep 24-7. I hate saying it, but I know how you feel. If I EVEN think about laying down on the couch to watch TV. I'll be out cold within minutes. I Hate FATIGUE!

  • March 27, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    I will definitely agree that the fatigue does suck. Even when one gets enough sleep, eats right, etc. you still feel like you lack the energy and motivation to even do anything. Really, the only thing I can say here is to try your best to not let the fatigue get in your way, stay focused on getting on your feet in other areas, and it will hopefully pass quickly.


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