New Blog Section: PEACE

PhotobucketFor those of you (probably everyone) who haven’t noticed yet, I JUST added a new section to my Blog. I moved the Q&A to my knowledge base since that wasn’t going where I wanted it to and I created a section called “Peace” where I will be sharing all my hobbies and stress relieving activities/projects that help bring me peace alog with a sense of acomplishment.

I’m hoping that by keeping this new journal Ill be able to look back when I am feeling down and remember that I have done a lot and still can do a lot of fun things. In addition I’m hoping others will be able to look at this section as a source of motivation: a place one can understand that MS may be a huge obstacle but it is not an actual wall in life.

Hope you all enjoy! Suggestions are always welcomed!

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  1. Headstrong says:

    Hiya Matt, came to you via Judy's excellent blog, and can't wait to read more of yours! Thanks for sharing your story! A great day and an even better tomorrow to you!

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Thanks! Keep in touch!

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