I Have Multiple Sclerosis, Big Deal!

NOTE: I do not have a medical degree of any sort. The following information is my personal description of the disease as I understand it from what I’ve been told by doctors and from my own personal research. Please feel free to email me at mattalleng@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

Multiple Sclerosis What To Do Lost MS

There is absolutely no doubt that being diagnosed and living with Multiple Sclerosis can be extremely difficult both physically and emotionally. MS can cripple your life even stopping it in it’s tracks but the tough times will not last if you can adopt the mentality that “Yes, I have Multiple Sclerosis, Big Deal”. I truly do believe that having a positive attitude is half the battle as your attitude can directly effect your physical health and of course your actions. If you can look at MS as a mere obstacle that you are sure to overcome then you are much more likely (in my opinion) to concur this disease then if you look at MS as being the end of the world, the end of your life, pure devastation, because the reality of the situation is that it’s not.

Again I don’t mean to belittle anyone’s hardships in any way shape or form nor to I intend to make the impression that once you can adopt this mentality the hard times will be over. No, I only aim to show you that having a positive attitude will make traveling the road of MS much easier and smoother but there will of course always be occasional bumps in the road. Your attitude however is what will determine how you handle those bumps in the road: Will you glide over them, bottom out, blow a tire, or completely brake down? All a matter of attitude.

Of course everyone’s situation is different but take me for example: When I was first hit with the disease I was stuck in a wheelchair and slowly loosing my vision. Now I am walking around and of all things taking up photography, possibly even as a career! I have gone on many hikes, trails, camping trips, boat trips, ridden motorcycles, traveled, written a novel, all after I was diagnosed with MS and I owe that to the fact that my pride and stubbornness made me look at this diagnosis as a “so what, big deal” kind of situation. Yes, there were many moment where I broke down but they were only momentarily, I always did my best to quickly get back up on my feet and remember that “Yes, I have Multiple Sclerosis, BIG DEAL“, I will overcome this! And so far I always have!

So just remember, MS is not the end of the world. It is not the end of your life. It is not the end of your happiness. MS is nothing more then an obstacle in life that you will surely overcome! You may have MS but MS does not have you! Your not stuck with MS, MS is stuck with you! MS is not a threat to you, YOU are a threat to MS! Drill it into your head, You WILL concur this disease, you will own it, and you will control your life. YOU WILL!

This is ME about 4 months after my Diagnosis.

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