Progress Update: Feeling the MS Fatigue Again…

multiple sclerosis ms fatigue

About a month or so ago I started tapering off my Prednisone (Oral Steroids). I did not want to have to buy another bottle of pills so I counted how many pills I had and evenly divided them out so I could taper as slowly as possible off what little pills I had left. I thought I had enough to taper down about 5mg a week but I recounted this morning and realized I am way short… I have no idea how I messed it up but now I am having to taper down at about 10mg a week til the last week where I have to drop down another 10mg halfway through the week. Then I will be completely out of Prednisone and hopefully off of it for a while as that is my ultimate goal. If I can stay off the steroids for a while then next time I have a flare up they will probably do me much more good then they do now as my body as no doubtingly built up a tolerance after 7 months of taking such a high dosage.

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