Progress Update: Glasses and Cheesecake

Photobucket Well this is week 1 of my food allergen experimenting. For the last month I have been relatively strict on my diet with a few exceptions. This week I am introducing potatoes back in, lots and lots of potatoes to see if I have any kind of reaction. As I may have mentioned before, I’m starting to think that food may not really be a trigger for me, mostly stress and heat so we will see. Yesterday I had a donut and muffin after breakfast, a meatball sub for lunch, and chicken with mashed potatoes and baked beans for dinner. Today I feel just fine. So I had refined sugars, gluten, red meats, potatoes, and legumes, a little bit of everything to start the experimenting out. Small quantities don’t seem to have an immediate effect but like I said, this week I will be pushing the large quantities of potatoes and the following week I will try something else. This should be interesting. Oh almost forgot, today I treated myself to a slice of CHEESECAKE, my absolute favorite! Haven’t had cheese cake since June! It was so, unbelievably good! Anyways lets move on to how I am doing right now: I mentioned the other day that my vision got pretty bad. Well last night before I went to bed I decided to throw my glasses on just to see what the world looked like through them after not wearing them for a few months. To my surprise everything turned super clear! I didn’t even realize how blurry my vision was all this time, it must have slowly been getting worse at a rate so slow that I didn’t recognize anything was happening! Hard to believe I got used to seeing things so blurry! So now I am trying to slowly get used to my glasses again because it’s been so long since I have worn them that they are giving me a head ache. Now I have to see what using my camera will be like with my glasses haha… Other then that I have not seen much change in my symptoms, my balance gets better and worse day by day along with my fine motor control and lmites sign. The sensitivity to cold in the right side of my body gets better and worse say the day goes as well. Still have some cognitive issues but they haven’t seemed as bad lately, been playing some strategy games with some of my spare time and I think that’s helping stimulate my brain a bit but that could just be a coincidence haha. I have gone on a few walks in the last week or to and I have been noticing some weakness in both my legs and some wacky gate but more in the left then the right. For the most part I am learning how to live with these symptoms pretty well, I am going to start looking for a job now and hopefully if I find one I will be able to handle it ok. I haven’t got any work lately for my photography but I’ll be putting my name out in a few different places soon so fingers crossed! I’m so sick of being tight on money but then again, who isn’t these days? Well, I’ll be doing some posts on my diet experimentation soon, thanks for reading!
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