Daily Archives: March 2, 2011

New Blog Section: PEACE

PhotobucketFor those of you (probably everyone) who haven’t noticed yet, I JUST added a new section to my Blog. I moved the Q&A to my knowledge base since that wasn’t going where I wanted it to and I created a section called “Peace” where I will be sharing all my hobbies and stress relieving activities/projects that help bring me peace alog with a sense of acomplishment.

Peace: Working on a Garden


So here is the start of one of my many projects I’ll be working on: A Garden… Of some sort… Haha I have no idea what I am going to grow yet but I started working with the terrain since the ground is nice and soft from the recent rain. I just have 2 more rows to dig but I’ll work on that tomorrow maybe, I am too tired to do any more digging today.