What Do I Do Now?

NOTE: I do not have a medical degree of any sort. The following information is my personal description of the disease as I understand it from what I’ve been told by doctors and from my own personal research. Please feel free to email me at mattalleng@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

multiple sclerosis what to do

Of all the questions that ran through my head when I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis there was one that stuck out above all else: What do I do now? I was so lost in my medical mess of life and I had no sense of direction but I knew I needed one. My neurologist didn’t help me out too much here so I had to do all my own research, had to find my own path, and as I mentioned before, that is the main purpose of this guide, to help you find your path quickly without wasting valuable time.

First Things First: Set a Plan
You NEED to set up a plan as soon as possible. This plan doesn’t have to be concrete nor does it have to be long term, you just need to set some goals and create a “map” on how you plan on getting to those goals and then you have to make it all happen! Don’t let time waste away! If you have a list of goals then it’s easier to pick one to knock out every day rather then letting them slip away from your mind.
Your Number one goal should be education! Learn everything you can about Multiple Sclerosis because the more you know about the disease the easier it will be to understand it and how it’s effecting your body. The more you know about MS the more control you will have over it and of course the more you know about your health the easier it will be to make good medical choices with your doctor when determining your course of treatment.
Create a Research Plan!
The easiest way to start is by creating a list of every question you can think of regarding Multiple Sclerosis. Then everyday pick one or two of those questions and start doing research online or at a library. As you start doing some basic research you will more then likely find yourself asking more and more questions and the more you learn the more complex and detailed those questions will get. Start buying books on MS! Do all the reading you can! Make sure you get your information from multiple resources! Never depend on just one resource, especially when reading about Multiple Sclerosis! You will quickly find that many people have many different ideas on the disease so you have to do a lot of cross referencing and you have to learn to judge for yourself what is good information and what is useless information. Much like studying in school you will slowly develop your own methods of researching and learning but I can not stress this enough, education is truly the most important thing you can focus on when your first diagnosed! If you are not well educated about Multiple Sclerosis you might not start your life out on the best path you can for dealing with MS. Learn, learn, learn!
Create a Plan for Regaining Your Health!
You should actually start doing this immediately as well (in fact you will probably me more eager to research the getting better part then anything else) but it will be easier to set a solid plan once you know a little bit more about Multiple Sclerosis and once you have researched some of the medications and alternative medicines out there. As I have said before, MS effects everyone differently and the same can be said about medication: Everyone will claim one thing to work over another, some will claim to have found the cure, others will simply contradict everything that is out there insisting that exercise, dieting, and eastern medicines are useless.
There are Four things you should look into when it comes to regaining and maintaining your health: Medications, Diets, Exercise, and Eastern Medicines such as acupuncture. Most doctors are more then likely going to want to throw you on all sorts of medications because well, lets face it, that’s what they are trained to do, that’s where the money is… This is why it’s up to you to look into exercising, dieting, yoga, and all that other good stuff. It might help you or it might not, the only way to find out is to actually try it and see how your body reacts to it! Everyone is different!
Educate yourself!

The more you learn about everything the easier it will be for you to map put a plan to maintain your


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