Progress Update: Solu-Medrol Round 3 (IV Steroids)

PhotobucketYesterday I started my third round of Solu-Medrol, the IV steroids, and I will be going in again Today, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday for about an hour a day (hooked up).

Yesterday went pretty quick and I’m sure today will as well, 1 hour is so much better then 2 hours, some how it makes all the difference. I feel bad for the people who have to spend 6-8 hours in there like the lady I shared a room with who was having some sort of blood transfusion.

So I have finally identified just how the Solu-Medrol effects me after an infusion: They always said it would keep me wired if I take it at night (which is the only time I have been able to get in) and at first I didn’t feel like it effected me at all. I was still tired as hell when I got home but now I have realized it keeps my MIND wired, not my body. I was staring at the ceiling for quite a while last night, my body was dead but my mind was racing, took me a while to actually fall asleep even with my Clonazepam.

I just want to get through this treatment and I hope it really helps this time around. It didn’t seem to do too much last time but we will see, my symptoms are different this time. I just want my balance, walking, and fine motor control back. Going to have to bust out the voice recognition software soon, trying my best not to, but typing is getting a little tricky, let’s see if I can avoid it this time though.

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