Progress Update: My Life May Be Un-Freezing

smallI know it’s been a while since I have posted but I have been pretty down lately so I have just been focusing on getting through the days. Luckily it seemes as though thing may start slowly rolling again!

First of all, I saw my neurologist today and after countless emails and phone calls she finally gave in and sent out my referral to see an MS Specialist at Loma Linda University Medical Center! YAY! Hopefully the approval process goes smoothly, should find out in a week or two. Funny though, just found out a fellow MS friend of mine (who I met through this Blog) has the same neurologist as me in Riverside! What a small world huh? Seems as though our doctor has been telling us two different things regarding the same questions…. Hmm… I have a LOT to say on that but not today, Ill be dedicating an entire article on this particular matter and will be interviewing a few people about the subject. Should be interesting!

On an unrelated note, the lawsuit I filed regarding the Lemon car I bough is starting to move a bit as well which also made me happy. The court paperwork the defendant has been hiding from was finally served via a Moreno Valley Sheriff friend of mine. So now she HAS to show up to court or else a bench warrant can be issued for her arrest! So hopefully I see my $2,000 soon so I can get a new car and start looking for a new job! Just got to be a little more patient!

I should hopefully have some more postings soon, just not much to write about at the moment. Thanks for reading!

PS- Yes, the waterfall IS FROZEN! Haha coolest thing ever!

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