My Thoughts: State Disability – Works for the Cheaters not the Needy

EDD. Employment Development Center 

So once again I am going to rant about State Disability and welfare in general…

It is an unfortunate truth that welfare typically does not benefit those who really need it. Rarely does welfare make me feel well or like the system is fair. It seems as though if you try to do things right and be truthful with the system you get screwed but if you bend the truth and try to cheat the system like so many do you can so easily reap the benefits.

I have tried to be truthful when it comes to disability but by doing so disability is screwing me over. I am truly disabled and can’t really work right now and I can’t even get enough help to survive yet I know of people who have been living pretty well off unemployment alone. They get enough money from EDD to pay the bills and MORE. How is that fair? I know of a girl who has one child and gets $5,000 a semester from financial aid and almost none of that goes to school and absolutely none of it goes to her child because she doesn’t take care of it. The benefits she received went to buying a car, an X-Box, a Digital SLR camera, and a bunch of other unnecessary junk. Again, I can’t even pay my bills and fill my stomach with healthy foods… How is it fair that these people are buying cars and moving out off welfare alone???

So why am I ranting about this? Let me explain: I received my first payment for my new disability claim back in January. They paid me for December and January to catch me up. At this point I should receive a check from EDD every 2 weeks. 4 weeks later, nothing. I call and call and call to try to find out why they stopped paying me but of course I couldn’t get through. Then I found their email so I send them some emails asking the same question and finally I get this response:

“Because of your request to have the CED changed, we need medical going back to 08/05/10. If the change occurs there will be an overpayment due to you receiving UI at the same time. Please have your dr complete and return the form sent to you on 01/24/11 and allow processing time.”

I was so confused. What request? What’s a CED? August of 2010? That was like 7 months ago! And what form? I never got any form! So I start calling again and to my surprise I got through after only 12 minutes on hold, seriously that is amazing as it usually takes at least 30 to 45 minutes to get through!

So after arguing with this lady for 10 minutes who was being a jerk from the get-go I figure out what was going on.

My doctor put me on disability August 5th. Before I could turn in the Disability paperwork I got worse so my doctor decided to extend my off work status. The new off work status started September and ended a little later. I’m assuming that EDD received the second off work status and not the first because this lady was trying to tell me that I did not see my doctor in August because she had a form right in front of her that said I didn’t start disability til September. First of all, how are you going to tell me when I went to the doctors, when I got sick? 

I tried explaining to her that I had been trying for months to correct that issue so I could get paid for August. Well this is when it all fell together in my head, when it all made sense. The letters I sent them back in October about correcting my actual diagnosis date were just barely processed in January. My letter was just sitting around for months on someone’s desk. So the reason they stopped my benefits is because they think I was receiving unemployment in August and now that I am saying I couldn’t work in August they think I was lying. I then tried to explain to this lady that I did not receive unemployment in August, that an Unemployment agent already contacted me and gave me all the proper form to cancel my unemployment so that I wouldn’t receive dual benefits from EDD. Everything was straightened out but this lady was just set on the idea that I was lying and kept telling me I was wrong and what not.

Now here is what I find peculiar about this situation: How screwed up is your system that you can’t tell if you sent me MONEY for a specific period of time??? If you can see that I didn’t receive money from Unemployment in August then what does it matter if I told Unemployment I was sick or not? That’s what I fixed anyways, a long time ago! I didn’t receive ANY money from ANY department of EDD in August so why is it necessary to put a stop on my current claim 7 months later??

Secondly, how are you going to tell me that I’m lying about when I got sick, whether or not I settled things with EDD before, AND whether or not I sent that letter in October not January when I have official EDD paperwork (half of which is signed by my doctor) stating that I WAS in fact sick during August, I DID talk to someone about Unemployment, and I DID send that request back in October.

This lady was just having a bad day and taking it out on me, well, that and the fact that everyone who works for EDD is borderline mentally ill (in my experiences at least. My sympathies to those who are well in the head but stuck working with all the other idiots at EDD).


Anyways, this lady was done talking to me, done trying to understand something so simple, so she told me I’m just going to have to write a letter to the Long Beach Department and wait for them to process my request. SO, I have already gone 4 weeks without any income, bills are coming around the corner, and I have $8.00 in my bank account… Now I am supposed to wait another 2-3 weeks? I’m sorry but I’m not going to sit around while they take their precious time “handling” my paperwork. So, I sent them another email today and I will be sending them a stack of letters, all exact copies, so they don’t loose any of it this time. I sent 2 today, I’m sending 2 tomorrow, and then one everyday till I get the response I want or until I run out of stamps. 

That should get the point across….

3 thoughts on “My Thoughts: State Disability – Works for the Cheaters not the Needy

  • February 20, 2011 at 4:16 am

    I feel ya on the whole disability/unemployment thing….I can not get unemployment benefits because I'm disabled, but can't get SS benefits because I'm not disabled…wait, what?
    Good luck to you, Matt!


  • February 20, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    UM…. yeeeaaaah that just makes me MAD, they need to understand that life is not always black and white when it comes to needing help…

    I'm going to check out your blog, thanks!

  • February 20, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Wait a minute, I have read your blog, haha sorry, bad memory, that picture of the "thing" made me laugh lol!


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