Progress Update: Thoughts on this Exacerbation

PhotobucketSo I have been curious as to why when my first exacerbation was so bad a simple treatment of Solu-Medrol and Prednisone did the trick but this time around the same amount of steroids plus my disease modifying medication (Copaxone) hardly seams to be making a dent…

I brought this up to my mother who raised a good point: I have been on all this medication for some time, so who is to say that this exacerbation wouldn’t have been just as bad as the first had I not been on all this medication? So I have been looking at this situation like the medication isn’t working but what if this exacerbation was supposed to be worse then the first one but never got to that point because I already had the steroids in my system? As a matter of fact, I have never even got off Prednisone since the start of my MS, I have been on steroids for almost 6 months now!.

So I guess I should be grateful if this is the case because to go through what I went through the first time would be Hell…

Anyways, today my symptoms were really wacky… Had tingling in my legs for the first time in a while and my vision got kind of blurry for a short period of time. Balance was horrible! I could also tell that my cognitive functions were acting really slow….. Really slow…. I also felt like I was walking through a dream at one point, like time was slowing down all around me, it was really weird… And last but not least, something new… Noticed my right hand has been trembling throughout the day… Not too bad but enough to notice… Hopefully it doesn’t turn into anything too big…

Well, at least my cold is much better, just have a bit of a stuffy nose but I can finally breath! So that makes me happy enough for now.

Oh yeah, something else worth mentioning: My parents and I finally figured out my insurance situation and looks like I can in fact see an MS specialist outside of Kaiser since Kaiser doesn’t offer one. So I will be contacting a specialist at Loma Linda who is pretty well known and liked so I can’t wait! I just need to get a referral from my current neurologist when I see her in February so it’s a little ways away but I have grown patient in the last few months haha…

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. Britney says:

    Medicating MS is always tricky no matter how you look at it. It is literally the worst guessing game you'll ever have to play. The truth is, our bodies change and each attack could very well require different treatments and efforts than what's worked previously. I wish you all the luck in feeling better!

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeah I was kinda thinking the same thing. If this was facebook I would "Like" Your comment lol…. Thanks!

  3. There's no way of knowing how you'd be if you weren't taking any medication. There are no promises or sure things with MS. That's what makes it interesting/infuriating.
    I'm one of the lucky ones with MS – I have no pain at all, never have with my MS, except when I trip and fall! This has happened more often than I'd like, but at least I know now why it happens.
    Good luck with it all Matt, I'm thinking about you from my side of the world.

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    I also consider myself "luck" in that I don't really experience pain. The only pain I experience is when something cold touches the right side of my body, it feels more like a burning sensation then cold but even that is a poor way of describing the odd sensation but it's one that I have never really quite felt in my life so I don't know what else to compare it to.

  5. Willowtree says:

    I asked myself some of these same questions today. The last time I had some prednisone, I was doing pretty well after day 4. This time, Im on day 6 and I feel perhaps worse than last week. My exacerbation seems to have come earlier this year (it's usally in spring), but since last year, Ive been dealing with the MS hug, "buzzing" legs, TN, just a whole bunch of stuff. I wondered if Copaxone really has been working for me (Im going into my 4th year now) because I hear people say they go on their DMD and it's years before they have another, but Ive always had at least one on Copax – the thing is my dr said, looking at my films she would think I would be so much worse off than I am – so hey maybe it is working! What a strange disease, at least it keeps us sharp (as we can be). Good luck at LL!

  6. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeah I always hear people saying they go years without an exacerbation thanks to their DMD's but reading a clinical survey thing on Copaxone I learned that on average, people taking copaxone experience 1 exacerbation every 5 years AFTER TAKING THE DRUG FOR 10 YEARS. So I guess as far the DMD's are concerned they take some time to build up in your system. I still have to do some more in depth research on how that all works in detail.

    Sending my Good Luck Back At Yah!

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