Progress Update: Not so Great and EDD Isn’t Helping


Well, my balance is still getting worse and though I don’t know if my cognitive issues are getting better, worse, or at a standstill, I can say for sure that they are still a persistent issue. Today my balance is really bad though, I am getting really clumsy again, I feel like I am going to trip over my legs when I try to walk but so far no falling, just horrible gate.

What I really wanted to mention was how EDD (CA State Disability) is not making anything better. I am 2 months behind on bills and owe all sorts of money and EDD has still yet to pay me for August of 2010 AND they have yet to file my latest claim which started in December… I HATE that I have to depend on the state for financial help right now, I just want to get my own JOB so I can take care of myself!

So what’s really frustrating about EDD is that you CAN NOT get ahold of them. I have been trying to call them for weeks but can never get through, most the time I can’t even get put on hold! They just hang up on you because they have reached the maximum number of callers they can handle. So frustrating!!!!

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  1. dukedraven says:

    I'm sorry the state is giving you a hassle. I was fortunate that I didn't encounter any problems with my claim. I heard many horror stories on getting approval from Social Security. I don't sweat anything. I have illness through no fault of my own and I don't feel guilty and regretful.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Well, luckily, they JUST SO HAPPENED to pay my check right after I posted this lol… Go figure, so that relieved a load of stress.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm in the same frustrating situation with the state of California EDD. You absolutely cannot get through to a live person. After wading through numerous phone menus, I always end up at "the maximum number of callers on hold has been reached" and then the system hangs up on me.

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeah I hate that, when you call just start tapping "0" 0000000000000 I think that will get you right to an operator if I remember correctly….

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