Progress Update: California is NOT for People with MS!


Do you have Multiple Sclerosis? Are you thinking about moving to beautiful California? WELL DON’T! California (specifically Southern California) is a horrible, wretched, nasty, state for anyone with Multiple Sclerosis! Apparently this part of the country forgot what winter is and now only experiences periods of Summer (super hot) and Wana-Be Winter (A couple of weeks of cold with random days of HOT scattered about).

Forget about all the other “seasons”, they DON’T EXIST IN CALIFORNIA. I can only assume that “fall” is the part of the year where you constantly FALL as a result of heat stroke and “Spring” is when you SPRING from your car (Easy-Bake Oven With Wheels) into the nearest air conditioned Wallmart everyday because it’s too expensive to run the air conditioner year round.

I HATE it here is So-Cal! Only in SoCal can your burn your hand on the steering wheel in the middle of January! It’s 80 Degrees outside right now and I have the AC running as I start overheating at just 75 degrees! Oh Yeah, did I mention it’s JANUARY??? What the heck??? Talk about Global Warming! I can’t live like this! I really can’t wait til the day I can move out of California to somewhere much cooler! I would love to head over to Colorado or Washington, somewhere where the average summer high isn’t 105 degrees. I like and NEED the cold!

7 Responses to Progress Update: California is NOT for People with MS!

  1. If you come live in Australia, don't come to my part, or any other part except Tasmania – you'd love Tasmania's weather. New Zealand has cool weather. How about Greenland?

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Haha as much as I despise the USA I think I'll stay in the states :^b I don't have what it takes to make that kind of a move haha.

  3. me says:

    I totally know what you mean about the heat, seriously one of my worst enemies. My worst attacks happened during the summer months (and I always feel so lame for skipping out on camping, hiking, boating etc. summer months are just too much for me!). One thing I don't like about living in Idaho is the month of August (there is always a week or two of 110+). I get angry too when the weather is unseasonably warm (my family never really ran the air conditioner too much to save money and now that I'm living on my own, my roommates and I do the same… granted my roommate doesn't have MS, it's pretty miserable!). My family always gets mad at me for complaining so much about the heat so I have to keep my mouth closed… but I'm glad we can relate!

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    How can they get mad at you for complaining about the heat when it's MEDICALLY proven that heat is bad for MS… IDK how it works in Idaho, But down here in California, we were able to send a form to the power company and we get a discount on the power bill since I have MS so we can run the AC more so you should see if they have anything like that in your area. Otherwise invest 200 bucks into a window AC unit that is Energy Star certified, it's waaaaaay cheaper to run that all the time then to run the house AC for just a bit and it works WAY better!

  5. Jodi says:

    I know what you mean about the heat and MS but right now I would like to be in CA. It is FREEZING in MA and snowing all the time!

  6. Matt Allen G says:

    I'm sure you would enjoy it for like 1 day before your body starts shutting down. Thing about the cold and heat is that when it's cold you can always bundle up to stay warm but when it's hot you can only shed so much clothing and 99% of the time that's not enough… And last I checked, it's not easy to shed your skin haha….

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