Monthly Archives: January 2011

Progress Update: Not so Great and EDD Isn’t Helping


Well, my balance is still getting worse and though I don’t know if my cognitive issues are getting better, worse, or at a standstill, I can say for sure that they are still a persistent issue. Today my balance is really bad though, I am getting really clumsy again, I feel like I am going to trip over my legs when I try to walk but so far no falling, just horrible gate.

Progress Update: Mental/Cognative Health

PhotobucketAlright, I need to update my mental health situation as it seams to be getting worse. Cognitively I have not been doing so well. First it was just poor short term memory, something I have always had problems with that has been getting worse lately. For example, I find it hard to remember who I had certain conversations with, what those conversations were about or if I even really had them or not! I also seam to be running really slow up there in the head, I find myself completely blanking out especially when I’m tired. This is frustrating because I used to be such a “quick thinker”. It’s like there is absolutely nothing going on in my head, I simply read the information my brain is presented with and dispose of it as soon as I have read it. I don’t know, hard to explain.

My Thoughts: Progressing in Life

PhotobucketWell, today I suffered a bit of an “emotional breakdown”. Happens to everyone and as strong as I try to be it happens to me too… Yes I may come off as one with a strong positive attitude but every now and then life gets the best of me and I crack, falling into the darkness of depression.

Progress Update: Loosing My Mind!

PhotobucketWell, my goal on this blog has been to share my experiance with everyone and so far most of it has been about my physical health but today lets talk about my mental well being.