Lhermitte’s Sign

What is Lhermitte’s Sign?
More than two-thirds of those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) experience what is known as “Lhermitte’s Sign” or “The Barber’s Chair Symptom”. It is a sensation of buzzing, tingling and electric shocks brought about by lowering the head as to bring the chin closer to the chest. These sensations are usually felt in the spine, arms and legs.

What Causes Lhermitte’s Sign?
There are many things that can lead to Lhermitte’s Sign such as injury or side effects of medications but in Multiple Sclerosis it is typically the result of a lesion in the cervical spine (neck). When the head is tilted downwards, the demyelinated nerves in the neck stretch causing erroneous electrical signals to be triggered which then causes paresthesia (the sensation of buzzing, tingling and electric shocks).

Symptoms (Paresthesia)
Lheritte’s Sign causes paresthesia which symptoms include but are not limited to:

Pins & Needles
Crawling Skin
Sensations of electric shock
Sharp Pains
Partial Numbness

The Barber’s Chair Symptom
Ever wonder why it’s sometimes called “The Barber’s Chair Symptom”? What does a barber typically ask you to do when they need to trim your neckline? They ask you to tilt your head down, chin to chest!

In some cases, Lhermitte’s Sign can be treated with medications such as Anticonvulsants (Anticonvulsants are used to treat epileptic seizures) like Neurontin (Gabapentin) or Lyrica to block abnormal electrical signals in the brain. Others choose to wear a restrictive collar/brace that helps limit the range of movement that can be achieved with the neck in order to prevent positioning the spine in such a way that would trigger the sensations of paresthesia. When this option is chosen it is important to make sure with your therapist that your neck does not grow weak or loose range of motion over time. In some cases, a physical therapist may also set you up with a TENS machine (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) which uses small electrodes that stick to your skin, attach to a small battery pack, and delivers a small pulsing electrical signal which can block pain receptors.

I personally just avoided tilting my head down and that alone was often enough to keep this symptom from interfering with my life.


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  1. I am sorry to repost, but the link to my story did not show up.


  2. Wow! I was diagnosed with MS 6 months ago and have been experiencing 'Lhermitte's Sign' without realising what it was. Cheers for the info !

  3. Matt Allen G says:

    haha that's basically what was going on with me till I researched it and figured it out haha so glad it helped! Everything is easier to deal with when it has a name.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My electrical shocks have gotten so severe that while lying on bed with my dog he can feel them before I get the full impact…he will yelp, jump down and by then it has gone down back of right shoulder into right arm and fingers….mine occur mostly when lying in bed but also have them whenever I bed over and I can hear vertebrae grinding..I have congential birth defect of three vertebrae fused together with arthritic spurs on both sides of each.

  5. Matt Allen G says:

    Wow. That is seriously one of the most bizarre things I have ever heard. You need a multimeter (for electricity) and should test yourself. If you are actually putting something off that would be amazing! I kind of wish mine would come back so I could test myself!

  6. I find this symptom the most fun of all the rest of my symptoms. I know it's stupid and possibly counter productive, but I love the charge. It happens after I've worked out so three times a week I have fun with my MS!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I'm not sure if this is a symptom or not – at one time had neck pain 24/7 and heard a soft maracas type shaking sound seemingly coming from the back of my head when I was walking. Thankfully more infrequent now however I started hearing (?) same sound starting a few days before this last bout …which once again has me wondering what's going on.

  8. Hi Matt, I'm new to your blog and just recently diagnosed with MS myself. Suspected it December 2011, official confirmation the beginning of this month. Lhermittes was one of my very first symptoms that led to my initial doctors visit a few months ago, and to this date one of my most annoying problems with my MS…. It makes me feel like im the guy from the game operation I used to play as a kid! Anywho, enjoy your blog…. I started one the other day just as a journal/ venting system for me, figured if I didn't have anyone else to take it out on, the Internet was always good 😉

  9. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeah this symptom is ANNOYING!!!!!!


  10. Sander says:

    Hey this is awsome information ive been having this for a couple of weeks now and i couldn´t explane it wy i am having this buzzing feeling in the top part of my belly wenn i pull my head down.

    Cheers m8

  11. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeah I was getting it around my ribs for a while but mostly my arms

  12. artem morikh says:

    Yes it sucks mate !
    i also musician and lost the ability to play.
    how you deal with it mate ???
    Hope you feel better !

  13. Matt Allen G says:

    I have not figured that out yet, have lost a lot this year so one thing at a time for me haha,,,,

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have had this for years but i thought it was normal. Lol. I am Recently diagnosed with ms but haven't met anyone with ms with lhermittes sign. How many of us are out there? I would love to chat with some of you guys. 🙂

    • Andrea Finch says:

      I started having Lhermittes sign about six months after I was officially diagnosed. I am currently experiencing it so much and so frequently, that it is giving me a headache and generally driving me crazy. I think it is usually one of the more benign symptoms, in small doses.

  15. Matt Allen G says:

    Its so common I don't know haha, comes and goes for me, I would ask around on this post for starters!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thanx Matt! How are u going with your ms? It's great what u are doing with the online stuff. I'm sure it will help a lot of other people living with ms. 🙂 Kristy!

  17. Matt Allen G says:

    I amalive haha, doing well i suppose but i feel like crap but can't complain! How are you??

    • Dortha says:

      Hi Daniel,I personally take Ultra H-3 from UniKey Health. It makes me feel better – th&;#a8217ts all I can say as a personal testimonial. to go to their website. You can often find it listed near the top left of the page, but you may have to type in “Ultra H-3″ into their search box to find it on their site.Victor

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Yeah not bad. It's all new to me but I'm doing ok. I see my neuro tomorrow to get the results from my last MRI. It's only been 6 months for me. It sux u feel like crap. I have days like that. Chin up!!! Kristy 🙂

  19. Matt Allen G says:

    Good! Hope that goes well and yeah, I am fine haha, can't complain but sometimes I do… Good luck!

  20. Anonymous says:

    We all need to complain sometimes. We deserve to. You deserve to!! Thanx! :). Kristy!

  21. So, I don't know if this is L'hermitte's Sign, but these are the feelings I've had deal with for the last few years: It feels like there are an infinite number of tiny henchmen stabbing my arms/hands subdermally for about 30 minutes. When this happens I need to immediately either sit on my hands or if at home, lay down; doing either puts the sensation 'to sleep' so that I can go on with my day. Do you think this might be L'hermitte's Sign? Many symptoms but this one drives me crazy!! Thanks Matt for creating this post!!!

  22. Matt Allen G says:

    Well, does it only happen when you tilt you head down? And then it goes away as soon s you tilt it back up? If not then it is just pins and needles… 🙁

  23. Faith says:

    Just Dx 7/20/12. Went num on right side. Hospitalized 3 weeks. I have regain walking and partial on right arm. I am in physical therpy 3 x wkly. As I have been explained keepi moving and extercising muscles. I do extercises 3 x daily your body will let u know when to rest. I have lyermittes sytoms but it has decreased with changes on extercises. I FEEL GREAT, I have great physicians who diagonosed me in 3 days.

  24. Matt Allen G says:

    How long is each of your sessions?v

  25. Michelle says:

    I had to call an ambulance today. I got up rather quickly and I was overwhelmed with a scary sensation all over my body. I felt as if I stepped in a puddle with a live wire and I was being electricuted. I thought I was having a stroke. I couldn't move at all…numb from my neck down. The doctor's did the necessary tests and said it was Lhermitte's syndrome. I DO have MS as well, diagnosed in 2006. I vertually had no symptoms at all until about January of this year. My legs are numb most of the time and it is hard to go up/down stairs. I am so frustrated with doctors that can't do anything about it or help me. Steroids don't work and neither does any of the new drugs out there. I guess I just have to live with feeling like crap everyday. It is hard to be positive sometimes.

  26. Matt Allen G says:

    It is hard as heck to stay positive when doctors do not want to do anything but textbook solutions. I think it is clear that I need more than that and I think a lot of us feel the same… Wish I had advice…..

  27. Lyndsey says:

    Hi, I'm new to this site bit glad i found it!
    Im currently in "limbo land" with a diagnosis of possible MS. I have lesions on my brain, a positive lumbar puncture, all the symptoms oh and my mum has Primary Progressive MS but still not enough evidence to diagnose me?!?!
    For the past 2 weeks I've been at work and whenever i bent my neck down i felt like i was vibrating!! For me it I'n the top part of my thighs – really weird but def one of the better symptoms of MS!

  28. Matt Allen G says:

    Weird symptom but def not bad! Man! I don't know what else they could want! Sounds to me like you probably have MS but… I am no doctor,,,

  29. I was diagnosed with MS in 2005. Didn't know what was going on – it was sudden onset (headache, weakness on right side, dizziness, blurred vision, etc.) I am a nurse and I thought I was having a stroke. I definitely knew it was something neurological. I do remember working and having the Lhermittes symptom present first. It comes and goes and stays away for months at a time. Is yours a daily symptom? I find the longer you bend your neck the worse the "shock" and numbness is.

  30. Matt Allen G says:

    " It comes and goes and stays away for months at a time." That is how it is with me..

  31. Kelly says:

    THIS! I have this & I vibrate/buzz all day, everyday. If someone taps me, if I walk, if I stomp, if I bend, just sitting…uggghghh. This has been my daily symptom since being diagnosed Aug 2011.
    I'm referring everyone I know to this link so they know what the hell I'm talking about! 🙂

  32. Matt Allen G says:

    lol sorry it sucks that much, mine went away mostly, but it comes and goes like anything else. But hey, I like referrals haha, best of luck!!!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I have been doing some research and diet can be a big factor to help. Look up Swank for diet. I also heard the Liver Cleanse Diet, by Dr. Sandra Cabot is very similar. It's one that I have tried in the past and it is quite enjoyable. Lots of great choices that don't feel like depriving of food enjoyment!

  34. Matt Allen G says:

    I have tried many diets including Swank, does not seem to make me feel any different. Now I just try to eat as health as possible, no soda, sugary stuff, legumes, dairy, the main stuff you know?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Well at least you have tried that. I don't know how long it takes being on that diet to see a benefit. Just from the research it seemed very promising. The best of luck to you.

  36. Matt Allen G says:

    Just know everyone is different, what works for one will do nothing for another, good luck!

  37. Hi Matt I have Ms and got diagnosed in 2007 and I just now got this symptom of vibrations when I bend my head to my chin…its been driving me crazy I couldn't figure out what was going on with me and I found this on Google! Thank you Matt now I know I'm not crazy! Does anything help this symptom go away?…besides not bending your neck? Lol

  38. Matt Allen G says:

    Not bending your neck and time lol! It either goes away or you get used to it. Oh, no heat! Like hot shower water on your neck? NO NO! Haha!

  39. Thanks Matt:) I'm so glad that I found you on here I now know that I'm not going crazy! LOL so what type of MS do you have if you don't mind me asking? I have RRMS
    ( Relapsing remitting). At 1st when I got diagnosed I thought they were wrong and was in denial at first! To me I thought it was a death sentence. And I didn't really have any symptoms…. Until lately, well I wish you well and good luck with everything:)

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hi! im new to this blog. just researching ms stuff as usual. i was daignosed in 2005. had pretty good luck until this last year. last week i started getting warped vision, feeling like there is an earthquake beneath me, short lasting and speratic. face feels numb, lips, ears, mouth. very dizzy with out much relief. my head feels "STONED" with out due cause.haha. its scary to me, not sure if this is ms but if these symptoms dont go away it will be life changing for me. i started predinose 60ms for 3 days and then taper down. i had to beg my neuro doc to start steroids. i wanted the iv but she wouldnt do it. im venting/looking for any opinion…. thanks:) kelly

  41. Matt Allen G says:

    Well, if you are diagnosed with MS, those are very common symptoms. I have been spinning for a few days now. SHOULD go away FOR me within the week. Part of my face goes numb every once in a while but never for long. It's scarey ate first but now it is just an inconvenience, I had so much I wanted to get done, but it is hard when you can't see and are dizzy!

  42. Matt Allen G says:

    Katrina: Yes I have RRMS as well. I never thought it was the end of the world because my doctor didn't even explain it to me and i do not know why i didnt ask lol…..

  43. Anonymous says:

    It should read, "More THAN two thirds of MS patients….. "
    Just saying.

  44. Matt Allen G says:

    Oops, typos! Yes, then = times and than = amount haha

  45. Anonymous says:

    I've had tingling / pins and needles on bending my neck forward for over 10 years initially it was infrequent. It got worse 3 years ago when I had sciatica. The sensations were around my sacrum and a little down my legs. I was sent for an MRI. Just before the MRI I started getting some tingling in my little fingers / the arms and hands just on the little finger side. The MRI was just of my lower spine and it was ok. My symptoms have recently escalated again, now worse on the right side, and the tingling sensations can be present without any movement albeit very mildly. I've never had any muscle weakness or any other symptoms. My Doctor thinks it isn't lermittes as it is not painful or an electric shock sensation. It's been really helpful reading others symptoms as I now realise that milder / more subtle symptoms could still be lhermittes? I don't think I have ms? I had my B12 rechecked today and am plucking up the courage to request MRI of my brain / upper spine. I am hypermobile and I've always thought the symptoms may be related to some extra movement in my neck. Sorry for the long post I'm finding it useful to offload.

  46. Matt Allen G says:

    Haha hey, unloading is good, I just can't always reply as long back hahaha! Just get the MRI's, at least you can cross some stuff off the list you know?

  47. Anonymous says:

    just now discovered your page. was diagnosed in 2007, but after reviewing my med history the Dr. suspects that it has been active since i was a young child possibly triggered by a major surgery when i was young. I am glad to see that you are using your experience to help others understand.

  48. Matt Allen G says:

    Yes my latest neuro said I had to have had it year and years before I was diagnosed due to all he black hole I have. If I dont use my experience to benefit others then all my suffering was/is for nothing :p

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt, just got diagnosed with RRMS on August 6th 2012, when I woke up blind in my left eye. Since then, I have had 2 hospital stays, many ER visits. I am 39.
    I have tried Copaxone, but after a month, I experienced the rare reaction. I got scared, and I have been off since Jan 10th. My Nerologist, wants me to have a 3 day infusion of steriods, but I have started Accupucture and Herbal medicine. I still take 60mg of Baclofen daily. I am thinking of trying another DM drug, but I am worried about the side effects. Any suggestions?

  50. Matt Allen G says:

    Well, you just have to test things and keep an eye on the effects honestly. I would stay away from the pills, they sound nice but are too new… The steroids will really help you recover so try them!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this Info, one and all. I do not have MS but a rare Brain aliment. I have been getting Botox injections for the past 7yrs every three months. This friday is my big day can not wait. It helps temporary with the Lhermittes sign. But I am learning how to cope with these daily. I hope every one Love, hope and Happiness.

  52. Matt Allen G says:

    Man, that is crazy… If I still have this I no longer feel it, just like the pins and needles in my left hand, if I clench it I know it is there, but otherwise? Dont feel it…

  53. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys, I was diagnosed 1.5 years ago, I'm 29yrs old.. Someone asked what other DM drug, I'm on betaseron and doing quite well on it, no major side effects. Happy to say I haven't had another major episode since diagnosed 🙂 I love your blog by the way' wish I knew of this site back when I was diagnosed, good on ya! Did you ever get your tattoo?


  54. Matt Allen G says:

    Nope haha, saved the money, but thanks!

  55. hannah says:

    Oh my goodness, im so happy to have come across this site quite by accident! I was diagnosed last November but am currently symptom free except for this strange symptom that i never knew what it was and now i do thanks to this page! Thanks so much, now i know longer feel like a crazy woman when i describe a feeling of vibrating in my legs and feet when i bend my neck. Its the only symptom that ive had constantly for many months now, doesnt bother me one bit tho, its kinda nice like a massage the way it makes me feel like im vibrating (now tbat mite make me sound like a crazy woman!! Lol!!) Anyways im so happy i found this page!!

  56. Matt Allen G says:

    LOL! Hey, take what you can! If it feels nice take it because it COULD feel horrible haha. Glad this page helped though!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Hey buddy, I would recommend everyone here to research the herb/spice Turmeric. It has been shown to stop the progression of MS in mice. I have been taking it for about 6 months now and after my last MRI a month ago there was no progression. It has not relieved all symptoms as I believe I have this L'Hermittes. It is very promising considering my previous MRI showed 10 new lesions.

  58. Matt Allen G says:

    Very interesting, I will look into it, thanks!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt
    I come across your blog by searching for Photographers with MS
    recently diagnosed with MS "only a few days ago" and searching to see how it will effect my photography , been having days with double vision but even on these days , i can take a decent photo .

    Ive been having what i call my strange spells for a few years now , its will be a great help to me that i now have a name for it "Lhermitte's "so i can do a little research

    All the best

  60. Matt Allen G says:


    Nice to meet you, photography and MS, hard to give advice because your MS and my MS are probably way different. Vision: Not bad, you can adjust your viewfinder to your glasses or to your vision without them as I did since I dont like shooting with glasses on. Double vision just makes getting around hard but when one eye is closed looking through a viewfinder, it's gone.

    For me the biggest issue was my energy and mobility, makes it hard to really try to get that great shot or to hike somewhere that i know would produce a good image you know? But I have an aggressive case of MS, so more than likely you wont have to worry about that, hopefully!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the quick response Matt , I'm nor even sure what grade of MS , i have yet , my Neuro has referred me to a specialist ,

    I have had problems with having blurred vision , and have never noticed any difference in the quality of the images taking from the shoots when blurred .

    Actually over the last year , i have been doing more studio shoots because I have found it hard in getting around , long days just leave me shattered , so not knowing I had MS i had already started to change my photography style ,though a full days slog in the studio leaves feeling just the same , but its not often that i do more the a few hrs at a time , though i have full day in the studio on Saturday :-/

    Hopefully I will know more about my MS soon , its only been a week since I was diagnosed , but it feels a hole lot longer !

    Thanks for your time Matt



  62. Matt Allen G says:

    It takes time to learn, if your on Facebook I can add you to my private MS group, lots of people from all over the world, guy and gals, all ages. Also, do you have a website? I would definitely like to see som of your work!

  63. Anonymous says:

    Yes I'm finding this out Matt ,I'm still waiting for an appointment to see a specialist and I have been allocated a MS Nurse , that I'm yet to see, so pretty much still in the dark about it all .

    I'm busy trying to put together a portfolio at the moment , there is bits and bobs on my FB page …..Ive left a comment on your page so you can see find me !


  64. Matt Allen G says:

    Unfortunately, that's how it goes at first, guess it's easier to get you to blindly do what they say if you dont know much haha?

  65. Anonymous says:

    Hello.I found you through the ''Lehrmitt's topic''.I experience Lehrmitte since August when i had my brain and spine Mri.Spine Mri showed a lesion (causing the symptom) and the brain ''nearly seen two small lesions'' and according to my doctor, not demyelinated ones, but rather of vascular type.Lehrmitt's sign has gone since Christmas…What is going on with my case? Is it ms? And what type it might be?Or is it sth else? Waiting is really annoying…Thank you in advance. 🙂

  66. Matt Allen G says:

    Haha there is no way for me to say? Only the MRI and spinal tap can say! Could be ANYTHING! Good luck, just be patient!

  67. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago and at the time had Lhermittes sign. It went away after about one month, but has returned again. Do you think that having it again means that I am about to relapse?

  68. There is no way to say. Some people notice THEIR pattern in symptoms before a flare and other people can have the same symptom come and go and it means nothing… I would doubt it but everyone is different…

  69. Enjoying your blog – this s a good post about something that isn't talked about much. Would you consider writing a post about Uthoff's?

  70. Its on the list I just have to decide how to write it and get to it haha but thanks!

  71. Anonymous says:

    I am wondering if I need to seek medical attention after reading these heart felt stories. About 2 years ago, my right toes were going numb on and off. I also experienced a light flickering in my right eye lid but it would come and go. More recently, the last 6 months, both my knees lock up whenever I get up from a sitting position. I am stiff and unable to walk for approx. 5 minutes once I get up but it subsides after 30 minutes. I wake up every morning as if I never slept and have constant pain in my knees. Can you please point me in the right direction. My MD says it is arthritis. Do you agree?

  72. donna says:

    Hello My name is Donna…My Doctor thinks I have Ms. I have alot if these symptoms..My left thigh has been twitching for 2 weeks.Is this normal for Ms..I know that no 2 people have the same Ms. but now ever time I try to take any kind of medicine it feels like hot liquid like fire is running down My spine..has anyone ever had that?

  73. Well I get twitches in my arms but I know a lot of people get them in their legs. It can be tied with Spacticity ( http://www.mattsms.com/2013/04/spasticity-muscle-tone-stiffness.html ) and baclofen really helps me with that. If I can't sleep from twitching I know I forgot my meds!

  74. Anonymous – Well, it doesnt sound like TYPICAL MS, usually you present with visual symptoms, if you really disagree with your doctor you can ask to see a neurologist just to "cross it off the list" you know?

  75. terry says:

    Hi. I have recently (finally) gotten a diagnosis of MS. Symptoms, (Lhermittes, tingling fingers/toes, urinary delay) 2 MRI's and spinal tap. During this time waiting, I have done a lot of research about MS. How much familiarity do you have with LDN? (low dose naltrexone) I haven't read all your blog, so you may have covered it somewhere along the line. My neuro wants to prescribe a new oral med called Tecfidera which seems to be an immunomodulator, but still there can be some serious side effects with it, like most of the MS drugs. I am trying LDN first. Anecdotally, it seems to be incredibly promising to stop the progression of symptoms of MS. There is a lot of info on the internet about it. An alternative medicine MD prescribed it for me, and she said it is their clinics "go to" med for MS. Many of her patients have had good success with it.

  76. I DO NOT RECOMMEND BG-12. It was used to treat psoriasis in Germany before it was tested for MS. The active ingredient (53% in old medication and 100% in Tecfidera) caused several cases of PML and if tis is 100% then that can't be good. They kind of rushed it to the market so of course they saw no cases of PML, they didnt test it long enough!

    I tried LDN for a week, relapsed really bad, so stopped it. Might have been a coincidence but I didnt want to risk it…


  77. terry says:

    Hi Matt. Thanks for telling me about BG-12/Tecfidera. They are promoting the heck out of it, even giving really low copay options, no financial need necessary, I think because if they didn't, no one would go on it because since it is so new, it is not covered by a lot of insurance formularies and it would be so expensive.

    I'm sorry LDN didn't work for you, but like you said, it might have been coincidence because you so newly started it when the relapse came. It's just so much safer than the other options, it would be great to give it a chance. But I sure understand, if you get a really bad relapse, you get scared and just want something that works, toxic as it may be. I wish you the very best. You are so sweet to host this website and give a forum for people to discuss and share, plus, you have some other helpful info throughout. 🙂

  78. Yes, they sure are!

    But yeah, it was too bad but I am on Tysabri now and that is doing the trick! Glad you like the blog! Thanks!

  79. Anonymous says:

    Matt did you or anyone on this site have a normal MRI and still have these lhermitte's signs. I have a normal MRI of my brain but they are doing another of my neck. I'm so scared because I have all of these symptoms and I like many of your guest on here thought I was having a stoke. The "waves" as I call them make me so uncomfortable that I wish I could crawl out of my skin. I have herniated the discs in my neck years ago and I know they are looking at that as a cause but I must say I'm very concerned now that I could have ms.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had an MRI of brain & Neck. I have some degeneration of my spine, but no sign of spinal cord damage, or brain damage. So Drs see no reason for the problem. I am now going for a neck MRI with contrast. They have not found the structural reason for the problem, yet I suffer from daily L'hermitte"s. I do not have MS. My Dr. believes it is from some injury or trauma. I also have herniated disks but they don't touch the spinal cord. Yet you have to understand. When you are in the MRI you are lying down and the weight of your head is not pressing on the disk. I feel it worse when standing, walking, and extreme when I jump or come down hard when I step down. So don't loose hope. MS is not the only cause.

  80. Well, the lesions typically apear in the brain first but they can be in your spinal cord as well, that is what causes this symptom in particular.

  81. leda waite says:

    wow I really thought it was just me with the stupid buzzing body I was diagnosed 4 mths ago with rrms but have suffered these symptoms for 2 years I have 20 lesions on the brain and a couple in the neck. I started a natural therapy treatment as soon as I found out and have no attacks or serious buzzing in hand legs torso which use to debilitate me for up to a hour weekly since taking Phosphatidylserine(herbal) this replenishes the myelin sheath… I feel much better suffer tiredness but that could just be the fact I have 3 active boys to take care of….. finally a blog that's true to the point and real sufferers of ms……. would love to keep up with this blog more ……..

  82. Yeah, it's common, so your not alone! Glad you like the blog!

  83. Terry says:

    Hi Mat. I just wanted to give you this link for your own info because you have been taking Tysabri. I don't know if you would consider this significant but wanted to share it because I came across it, and you were the one who warned me about PML and Tecfidera. I hope you continue to feel well. I know there is a lot of risk/benefit considerations with all the approved meds for MS. We can just do our best.



  84. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Matt. I had a prostate infection sometime in February of this year. Soon after that I had a really bad flu, and everything has gone down hill from there. More recently, I've had a lot of different symptoms that don't seem to add up, but MS seems to fit a lot of the criteria. For a couple days I had pins and needles feeling all throughout my body, no where really specific, and it seemed to go on all day for about two days. I still get it throughout the day, but not as often or severe. I also have had pain in my eyes and weird head aches. I also had a spout a few weeks ago where my left pinky seemed to lose functionality a little bit. now it's my right pinky. Also I have had chest pains, troubles breathing, and urinary retention and maybe some bowel disruption. ( A lot of this seemed to happen after I became more aware that MS was a distinct possibility even though my doctor doesn't seem to think I have it. Been having some bad heart burn as well. I also think I had one episode of Lhermitte's sign, but it seemed to be in my lower left back, and it was a really bad pain, I don't remember if I was bending my neck when it happened. shakiness, clumsiness, trouble speaking because I feel I'm thinking too fast. Anyway, I guess what i'm asking is if you, as a patient with MS, think that it's a possibility and also how expensive and debilitating it is. I'm really hoping it's just Hypothyroidism, health anxiety, or hypoglycemia, but I am leaning towards MS and it's scaring me. I'm only 21 and I'm not mentally prepared to face this, and I feel for you, and hope all is well. Also sorry for this long post, I know you're not a doctor or anything, I just thought maybe you'd have some advice for me.

  85. Hi, I think you getting ahead of yourself. Every symptom of MS can be found in some other issue, it's all neurological. SO, before you say to yourself it is MS because you have a few symptoms, do some tests. FIRST, see a neurologist, they are the only ones who's opinion on whether it "seems like MS" matter or not. Push for an MRI and a spinal tap. This will greatly give you a better idea, negatives are not certain, but it all helps. If it IS MS than you know what direction your heading in, if not, than you just have to go down the list and test for everything till you find what it is.

    Most people really are not disabled physically with MS, it just introduces little changes in life like avoiding heat. Money depends on if you have insurance or not. Its all relevant. email me at mattalleng@yahoo.com to really talk about it.

  86. Aggeliki ot says:

    hi! i am an occupational therapist from Greece and i accidentally read about Lhermitte's sign. I was wondering if someone of you had that sense as a child. I remember me feel an electric feeling starting from my neck and heading down to my back every time i cut my hair. First i thought that everyone feels that when they cut their hair. but when i start describing to my hairdresser that i couldn't stay still because of this, i realise that noone else feel the way i do. I can still fill it.
    Only on my right side and i also feel it when someone come to whisper on my right ear.
    sometimes it is strong but i have learn to control it. until now i was sure it was a sensory issue. do you think that this could be Lhermitte's sign?

    • Well, it sounds a bit off… What happens when you tilt your chin towards you chest?

    • Aggeliki ot says:

      Nothing! i feel it only when the hairdresser put the scizor at my right side of my neck and when someone come so close to talk to me. since i was a child it's the same. the only thing that it's different is the intensity. and of course i have learned to "protect" my self and i avoid crowded places like the metro. So it is very rare for me…
      I work with autistic children that have sensory dysfunction and i am trained in a method that called "sensory integration", but even when i mention my experience to my supervisor, she didn't have a clou…
      Although some of my children that are able to express their experience have described a electric feeling every time the cut their hair.
      So it is important for me to understand what is going on my body and if this is related with ms or with another condition.
      I found about Lhermitte's sign while i was reading about myokymia.
      It's been a month since my right eye trembles and my neurologist told me that i might be in high stress…
      What can i say???
      i'll have to wait…
      if you have any information more that could help i would apiciated!
      (I hope my English weren't so bad)

  87. Well, from what your telling me, it's not L'hermittes. Lhermitte's is when the nerve fibers in yourt neck are exposed and tilting you head down stretches them out, they touch, and you feel a shock. I am not sure what you are experiencing. I was going to say some sort of hypersensitivity but if you work in that field I would imagine your mind already went there… hmmm….

  88. I've had lhermittes for a year. I just had my MRI. They forgot to do contrast so they rescheduled me. But my neurologist canceled the contrast and just said to come in and speak with him. Can he diagnose MS without contrast? Could he have seen something else? I am freaking out. My sister has MS. It's hard to wait all weekend til mon to find out what he saw.

  89. Stephanie6 says:

    Wow ! I am amaizing about your lhermittes.It's also comprises me a lot of useful facts-Thanks for valuable information.Really enjoyed reading first to last.If you have time please visit my emc testing lab page and please leave comments.

  90. Saundra Buck says:

    So, I stumbled across your blog while looking up symptoms. .. I've not been well for 2 years. Seems no matter what it always leads me to ms. Also, my gut tells me its ms. Can someone please tell me, how long did it take you to get your diagnosis and what do you have to say or do to get a doctor to really pay attention to what you are saying? I'm not a hypercondreac. I've been diagnosed with chronic migraine disorder and seizures but when i went to the hospital for the last episode which rendered me unconscious, there was no seizure activity on the monitor. I have electrical shocks all the time. I have constance changes in my vision and hearing. Extreme sudden fatigue. Tingling in the face, hands, feet,legs,arms. Buzzing sound in head. Its so frustrating! I just want a diagnosis and help!

  91. Callmestitch says:

    Hi Matt,
    This seems to be a constant thing for me now, I tilt my head forward and my fingers buzz (as I call it) like I am holding a buzzing mobile phone. Only once did I ever get that "electric shock" down my spine. Now it's just buzzing in my fingers. Still not dx'ed. They have thrown around things like small veins in brain vasculitis, osteo arthritus, you name it they have 'guessed it", but not definative enough to treat any guessed dx. I still believe it is M.S, you know when you know that you know, and the dr's are just not getting it? I've had more and more symptoms, sluggish left side of body, foot cramp, toe cramp, half of foot numbness, weird gait because of tightness around hip and top of thigh, or back of leg. And still they dont get it. Sigh. Another MRI in june, this will be my 6th. I am just tired of all the repetative testing. Wish the dr's / neurologists would just wake up to what I already know! Sigh

  92. Alexis says:

    First of all I want to thank you for candidly sharing your MS experiences with the world. I find a lot of Blogs out there for newbies, but not a lot of info available for us long timers. I get Lhermittes when I over do it. For me it shoots from my chest up to my neck and feels like a sprain, everytime I look down. Even slightly putting my head down can do it. I rarely get it, but it is always anoying. Oh, the joys of MS. Never a dull moment, in the past 22 yrs.

  93. Joi says:

    I get a strong electric shot that radiants from my hand 2 my chin I usually get it while I’m resting when the shock hits I have to grab my chin it only last for a split second but comes in waves usually 3 to 5 times within a short period of time it dosent happen often I’ve been getting this shocking sensation for yrs I have no idea what it is

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