Yearly Archives: 2010

I Need to Set a Plan

2011 is right around the corner and it’s just about that time of the year that everyone is setting their New Years Resolutions. Sometimes I think this is a silly tradition because if change needs to happen then it needs to happen regardless of the date and time. But I understand that most people look at this as a marking point for a “fresh start” so I’ll play along.

MS Stops My Time

I mentioned somewhere on this blog either in a recent posting or a comment (can’t remember) that I felt like time has stopped for me because of MS and that I felt like I have to watch time for everyone else move on without me. My illness is a purgatory preventing me from progressing in life, preventing me from moving forward, moving closer to success

Progress Update: Mycophenolate Mofetil

So far I don’t feel any better, my hand is not as bad as it was but I seamed to have reached a stalemate here… I might actually say I am noticing more symptoms lately, probably as a result of stress… My balance is not so hot and my peripheral vision has been going in and out. This is greatly frustrating me. I am also breaking out on my neck and chest really bad and am also noticing a decrease in my cognitive sharpness and memory… Equally frustrating…

Emotions and Mental Well-being

I wanted to take some time today to write about how multiple sclerosis has affected my emotions and mental well-being since I was diagnosed and how I have dealt with them. It’s been a little over four months now since my symptoms began and all the stress of the situation has definitely taken its toll on my mental and emotional stability over the course of this time. I’m going to use the clich phrase that it has been “an emotional roller coaster” because quite frankly that is the best way to describe it, though, not all roller coasters are the same ride…