Progress Update: Done With IV Drip! (Solu-Medrol Steroids)

I’m finally done with my steroid treatments for now! I’m so happy to be done, as I said before, I am getting way too familiar with this hospital… I’m really hoping that this minor flareup subsides soon, hopefully within a week or two I will have my fine motor control back in my left hand. I have noticed that it seems like the pins and needles sensation is pretty much gone in my legs but I can still feel it a little bit in the fingertips of my right hand and in my left hand but overall it seems that the steroids have at least taken the edge off this flareup so I’m not too worried about it turning into a full-blown exacerbation anymore.
I Also wanted to make a quick note more for myself and my record-keeping, these last three days of treatment seemed to have resulted in some slightly blurred vision probably because we adjusted my IV drip to a one-hour session rather than a two-hour session, so basically, I got the same amount medication in a shorter amount of time. The blurred vision seems to only last a few hours, not that bad, just enough to notice and just enough to be worthy of writing a quick note down about it.
I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress, thanks for your support!

2 Responses to Progress Update: Done With IV Drip! (Solu-Medrol Steroids)

  1. Soph says:

    Hi Matt,

    I'm glad things are looking up and you're done with the IV drips for now! I finally got my cane yesterday and am hoping to move back into my own four walls soon, so I guess we can feel optimistic together for a bit. 😉

    Re: "too familiar with the hospital" – Yikes. I know the feeling. I hope you'll be able to stay out of there for a while!

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Hopefully we can stay optimistic for A LOOONG time lol, I wana stay outa there for as long as I can!

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