Progress Update: Back on Solu-Medrol

PhotobucketSo on Monday I started my IV steroid treatment again, also known as Solu-Medrol, to help beat my latest flareup. Once again I am doing two hour sessions a day for five days, it’s been very boring because this time I am doing it alone… The first day I played Tetris on my computer until my computer died and yesterday I listened to music on my mom’s MP3 player and tried to sleep the whole time which passed time a lot quicker than playing Tetris I have to say LOL. today I will either listen to music again or watch a DVD on my moms laptop since my laptop does not currently play DVDs.

PhotobucketI have a really good feeling about this treatment this time around because last time my whole body was falling apart whereas this time it’s pretty much just my left hand that is being affected along with the sensation of pins and needles from the waist down, so I’m thinking that the steroids will take affect much quicker since his flareup is not as bad as my first exacerbation. I don’t want to say anything too soon but it does in fact seem like my hand is doing a little bit better today already which would be quite impressive! Fingers crossed!

I really need to get on top of my diet and start working out more once this flair up goes away, I’m finally realizing just how sensitive my body is with this disease so I can’t let my guard down ever! All I know is I’m getting way too familiar with this hospital, hopefully I can stay out of it long enough to forget my way around LOL! Again, figures crossed!

4 thoughts on “Progress Update: Back on Solu-Medrol

  • December 2, 2010 at 4:43 am

    Not only my fingers crossed but I'll keep everything crossed for you 🙂 Save the "perfect" (okay "near perfect" if you may say) because I still want to borrow it for just a day out lol

    (perfect = able to walk, active,… – in my dictionary)


  • December 2, 2010 at 6:17 am

    I promise not to look at it or use it for "unappropriate purpose" :')


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