I Need to Set a Plan

2011 is right around the corner and it’s just about that time of the year that everyone is setting their New Years Resolutions. Sometimes I think this is a silly tradition because if change needs to happen then it needs to happen regardless of the date and time. But I understand that most people look at this as a marking point for a “fresh start” so I’ll play along.

Come New Years Eave it will have been 5 months since my MS journey began. The beginning was rough and a lot was going on at a pretty quick pace, but I got through it and now things are slowing down. My MS is acting up just enough to be an obstacle in life but not enough that my life has to stop like it did during my first exacerbation. I am noticing this to cause me much frustration because I want to move ahead in life, ahead towards what I would call “success” but the only thing stopping me right now is ME, not MS, ME.

So I need to set a plan, I need to get my life organized, I need to set clear goals for both the short term and long term because I am sick as hell of where I am right now, I need change. I need to get healthy again, I need to stay healthy, maintain my diet and exercise, I need to get a career going, get some income, get a new car, move out, I need control of my life. I need not live at the mercy of time and welfare, I need to have my own options, I need control of my direction, and to do that, I must set my direction, set my goals, and make it happen. I know I have the ability and means to do so, the opportunity is there, the only thing stopping me, is ME.

2011 needs to be a new year, it needs to be a new beginning. 2010 was but a milestone on the way.

5 thoughts on “I Need to Set a Plan

  • December 28, 2010 at 12:50 am

    Working on a goal is always a good idea, particularly when you're young, Matt. Many people don't let MS stop them from doing the things they love. I love to travel and while everyone keeps discouraging me from doing so, I take trips to places and plan more vacations to exotic locales. Do what you love first. Shanti

  • December 28, 2010 at 5:16 am

    Ditto! I hate when I get that discouraging tone from people, make me want to cancel my plans to find something actually STUPID to do haha just kidding… Health first but I still am going to do the things I love to do, just with discretion.


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