Progress Update: Possibly Exacerbation 2

TimeSo today I had a neurology appointment to go over the sudden appearance of symptoms I have been experiencing… The pins and needles don’t seem as bad in my legs today though I could just be getting used to it, however, my left hand is definitely getting worse… It feels very stiff, almost even cold, and my fine motor control is starting to fade away once again… This of course is on top of the pins and needles which I could care less about at this point, I hate being clumsy, I want full control of my body! That’s ll I really care about!

Anyways, I asked my doctor if it was common for MS patients to experience random flareups or if she thought this was the beginning of another exacerbation, she went with option two… So I’ll be tapering off my oral steroids this week so that next week I can go back into the hospital fore a five day IV steroid treatment… Fun… I won’t complain though, it could be way worse, I’m hoping that since this isn’t a full-blown exacerbation at the moment I will react to the steroids very well. So though part of me dreads the thought of having to sit down with an IV in my arm for two hours a day again, part of me is eager because I want to see how fast I will react to the medication this time.

I have to admit, I’m mostly disappointed at how short a period of time I got to experience my so-called remission… I really thought I would go way longer than this before relapsing, this just goes to show how important it is for me to maintain my diet and keep my stress levels down, MS seems to be a very sensitive disease! I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on my progress, wish me luck!

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