Progress Update: Pins N Needles

Pins N NeedlesWell, its been a few days now and still that feeling of pins and needles has not gone away… It hasn’t really got worse but it definitely has not got better, although, it does seem like my fine motor control is starting to fade in my left hand… My hand feels stiff as if I had kept it under ice water for a very long time which is making things like typing very difficult again. Right now I am actually using my voice recognition software as I had to a couple months ago because my fingers just can’t keep up, they are clumsy and stiff….

I really hope this is just a minor flareup that will fade away soon because if it is the beginning of another exacerbation I’m going to be really mad, I didn’t get very long of a break if that turns out to be the case… It’s amazing how fast all this can happen from out of nowhere, I’m assuming this is stress related, so it’s also amazing how sensitive my body can be to stress even while I’m on all these medications! I could be wrong though, stress is just my own assumption, it could just be a huge coincidence that all this happened at the same exact time I was stressing out… Who knows… I just know I want this to go away, I don’t have time for this right now, I’m trying to get my career going, trying to start my life, trying to make some money, I don’t have time for this! Wish me luck!

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