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Progress Update: What it’s Like Living With MS Part 2

Progress Update: The Picture Says it All


Though I do have to admit, my gate (walking) has been a little off in the last couple of days but I have been a little stressed lately and today I am exhausted! But either way, who cares! Look at me on a quad! I didn’t think I would ever ride again and here I am balancing on 2 wheels! This made my day!

Sorry it’s Been So Long!

So I have not written in a long, long, time on here…. I have been sooooo busy! I am currently trying to get my career as a photographer up and going and I have been focusing all my writing time on my novel, I should be done with the first draft tomorrow, yay! So keep an eye out for updates on my Blog, I will be resuming my MS writing very soon!

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