Monthly Archives: November 2010

The Disassociation of My Body

PhotobucketSince I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis my body has experienced many ups and downs and of course this results in ups and downs with one’s psychological well-being. However, I have noticed lately with this second “relapse” or “flareup” or whatever you want to call it, that I have felt a certain disassociation with my body as if who I am as an individual has nothing to do with my physical body, like my body is simply a vessel for my mind or spirit, however you choose to look at it.

Progress Update: Possibly Exacerbation 2

TimeSo today I had a neurology appointment to go over the sudden appearance of symptoms I have been experiencing… The pins and needles don’t seem as bad in my legs today though I could just be getting used to it, however, my left hand is definitely getting worse… It feels very stiff, almost even cold, and my fine motor control is starting to fade away once again… This of course is on top of the pins and needles which I could care less about at this point, I hate being clumsy, I want full control of my body! That’s ll I really care about!

Progress Update: Pins N Needles

Pins N NeedlesWell, its been a few days now and still that feeling of pins and needles has not gone away… It hasn’t really got worse but it definitely has not got better, although, it does seem like my fine motor control is starting to fade in my left hand… My hand feels stiff as if I had kept it under ice water for a very long time which is making things like typing very difficult again. Right now I am actually using my voice recognition software as I had to a couple months ago because my fingers just can’t keep up, they are clumsy and stiff….

Progress Update: A New Symptom…

So just as I was talking about doing so much better a new symptom has come up… Paresthesia, or, the feeling of pins and needles. It started yesterday evening in the tips of my fingers on my left hand and in my toes on both feet, just a minor sensation much like when a limb falls asleep, no big deal right?