Progress Update: My Important Announcement


Today I would like to make a very important announcement, an announcement that I’ve been waiting to make for a long, long, time. I have put much thought into when and how I would make this announcement and finally I believe I have found the appropriate answer.

  1. Abatement or subsiding of the symptoms of a disease.
    The period during which the symptoms of a disease abate or subside.
As of Thursday, October 21, 2010, I, Matt Allen G., officially announce the beginning of my 2010 remission!

Now I need to make this clear, I did not wake up yesterday symptom-free, I still have some minor symptoms and they may never go away. However, I decided that October 21 of 2010 will be my official date of remission because most of my symptoms are gone, multiple sclerosis is no longer holding me back! So though it is quite possible that some of my remaining symptoms will still fade, I think it is safe to announce that most my symptoms have subsided and that my remission has begun!
Main Remaining Symptoms:
1) Minor Vision impairment (need glasses now)
2) Skin on right side of body is tender to cold objects (such as cold water or a col metal object)
3) Occasional cognitive impairment (short term memory loss, etc)
So why Thursday, October 21 of 2010? Well, yesterday I saw my optometrist, the appointment was very pleasing! My eyes have shown much improvement so I was finally able to get new glasses! I did another peripheral field vision test and the results were also great, my blind spots are almost completely gone! The blind spots that do remain however are being compensated for by the opposite eye, meaning, as long as I have both eyes open, I have full range of vision!
Thursday, October 21 of 2010 is an important day to me because it is the day that I got the official OK to drive again! I have known that I could see well enough to drive for a while now, I would have never put other people’s lives at risk just because I felt like driving, so I wanted to wait for an official OK to drive from my optometrist which I finally got yesterday! It feels good to be back on the road!



The top two images are the results of my peripheral field test when my vision first started to go and the bottom two images are from October 21 of 2010. Each circle represents my left or right eye and the dark spots represent my blind spots. So as you can see from the first test I was pretty much completely blind on the left side of each eye and now those blind spots have reduced immensely!
I do have to note, these are two different test from two different machines. They are both the same KIND of test and both work the same way however the above test was just a little more in-depth. Either way, it is obvious that my eyes have improved a great deal! And that’s all that matters!

Progress Updates:
So now that I have pretty much gone into remission you can expect to see less progress updates from me because there is not much to talk about, I will probably start working on my personal blog so you can still follow along on all my crazy adventures while I keep this blog revolving more around multiple sclerosis ( I will post a link to my personal blog when it is up and running). So while I am living a life of remission I plan on focusing my writing on technical medical articles and MS related news. I will try to keep it as interesting as possible while still being informative and every once in a while I will be sure to throw in a progress update.
I just want to say thank you for everyone’s support! You have no idea how much it has helped me get through this exacerbation! For anyone out there reading who is in need of any kind of help please contact me! I feel that I have a responsibility to do my part in the world of multiple sclerosis by helping who ever I can, however I can. So seriously, do not hesitate to e-mail me about anything! I will gladly answer as quickly as humanly possible!
Thanks for reading and thanks for your support!

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  1. I'm so happy for you! As a fellow sufferer, I can understand more than other people might what remission means.
    Some of your remaining symptoms are similar to mine, but I'm lucky not to have experienced eyesight problems (yet!). Keep up the positive attitude, and it'll help you get through the shit MS is giving you.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Thanks! Yeah the eyesight is kinda unfortunate considering I have always practiced some form of art and now I am trying to get into photography lol but luckily my vision is back to a state where I can do that kind of stuff with my glasses so no biggie, but as I say, MS IS BS!!!! Lol thanks for the comment though! I appreciate it!

  3. jgycay says:

    YEA!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo happy for you. I hope to follow in your footsteps soon.

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    Thanks! I will keep ALL my fingers crossed for you! Even my toes! Lol!

  5. Mai Khac says:

    Hi, a young MSer (aged 14) in my country is having vision impairment just like you. She seems not to get better and has to stop her schooling. As I told you, the only option available here is steroids.
    Does your vision improve because you're having Copaxone? Or any other therapies? I told her I'd ask for advice from other MSers with the same problem.
    Oh and congrats on your good news. I'm happy for you.

  6. Matt Allen G says:

    This is a tough one, in my case, my vision has been impaired because of a lesion more then likely near the visual cortex of my brain, my eyes and optic nerves are totally fine. So in theory the steroids SHOULD help the vision BUT steroids CAN cause vision impairment as a side effect…. I don't know if Copaxone will necessarily help her vision return as Copaxone is designed to prevent relapses not overcome exacerbations. Have you been to the forum known s "This is MS"? They are really helpful, I suggest you join. I will do more research for you today,

  7. Mai Khac says:


    Unfortunately the cost of Copaxone or any other disease modifying drugs is out of touch in a country with average income of less than $ 100/month like in Vietnam. There's no option available for us MSers but steroids. I believe her symptom onset with optic neuritis. Her eyes' sight has improved a little bit with steroids, but overall she still sees things through thick fog.

    I've been a member of MS foundation forum and Patientslikeme for years. At least I'm lucky I can use English to communicate. Not many other MSers here can do that. I'm trying to seek for help for all of us, I just don't know where to start.

    It's nice to get to know you.

  8. Matt Allen G says:

    I REALLY wish I had a huge following on my blog so I could tell all my followers to contribute but unfortunately that is not the case…

    I also wish i was a doctor so I could donate her my time and knowledge but I will start doing some research, I would start with dieting, I have an article somewhere on this blog about dieting, try that, avoid heat (duh) (I take cold showers to try to reduce my temperature everyday and night) but other then that i don't know, like I said, Im going to start doing research for you guys and networking to see what kind of awareness I can raise.

  9. Mai Khac says:

    Thank you Matt for your precious time to help us.

    We're not doing any fund raising, my target at this moment is just to raise awareness of the advanced world outside about MSers' situation in Vietnam.

    I hope you'll have a really looooooooong remission. Enjoy your trip to the mountains with your friends, drawing, taking photos, playing your piano, and writing your novel. I'll definitely buy it when it's published. You seem to be a gifted person.

    As for me, I used to work as a copywriter for an advertising agency. Now I'm working home as a freelance writer/editor/translator.


  10. Matt Allen G says:

    Wow! Thats awesome! I am not looking forward to the editing portion of the novel but I'm only 20,000 words in so I have a while before I REALLY need to worry lol but yeah, hopefully I can build my blog up soon so I can help spread awareness! Ill do a youtube video as well! Send me any links to information about your cause so that I can educate myself, thanks!

  11. Mai Khac says:

    My friends are setting up a website for me. At first we just wanted to search for medical assistance for me only. But then I wanted to make it a place for other Vietnamese MSers to look for information of the disease, and to search for help for all of us.

    Everything is still under construction. There's a lot of translation that need to be done.

    I'll let you know when the site's finished.

    Thank you for your concern, Matt.
    Have a great weekend


  12. Matt Allen G says:

    No problem and thanks!

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