Progress Update: Matt’s Home Peripheral Vision Test

Last time I went to see an optometrist my vision had not really changed at all but in the last couple of days I KNOW that my vision has been changing, I have an appointment with my optometrist on Thursday but I wanted to set something up while I waited to monitor my vision progress. I came up with the chart shown in the above image, below is a video about how it works but I will explain it in text for those of you who cannot watch the video.

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My test consists of a long, horizontal, chart with a centerline, a center point, and one inch, horizontal, markers. I stand 36 inches away and stare at my centerpoint and then shine a laser pen at the center point before moving it along the centerline while staring directly at the center point. As the laser pen crosses my blind spots, the light disappears, so, I take note of what one inch sections the light disappears in and I do this with each eye individually and with both eyes open (with my glasses off) and record all the information on a chart.
Here are my recordings for yesterday & Today:
Range of Blindness:
Left Eye: 29-31
Right Eye: 26-31
Both Eyes: 27-29
Left Eye: 28-30
Right Eye: 26-29
Both Eyes: 27-30
So What Does This Information Mean?
Well let’s look at today’s information, in the above readings I wrote 28-30 for my left eye. This means that I cannot see the laser pen light when it passes through sections 28 through 30, a three-inch section. So as far as my progress is concerned, I want those numbers to decrease as much as possible, the smaller the section I record the smaller my blind spots or the better my vision! Today my eyes seem to have tweaked a little bit since yesterday, each eye is individualy better today but for some reason the information shows that my eyes are worse for both eyes open today than it did yesterday but this is not a professional test, so there is plenty of room for human error, I just think it will be interesting to see what a real peripheral vision field test has to say, I can already tell you that my left eye will have better vision results then my right eye based on my home testing so it will be interesting to see if this test holds any weight!
On a less technical note, I can actually FEEL that my eyes are changing because my glasses are once again starting to give me a headache if I wear them too long. They still make my vision better but I think my eyes are straining harder to focus through the lens resulting in the headache… So yesterday I pretty much went the whole day without my glasses and today I plan on doing the same except for when I am reading, although, my vision has improved to the point that I can read without glasses if I focus hard enough so I’m really eager for this appointment on Thursday because I might be able to change my prescription to better fit my vision. We shall see!

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