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MS Q&A: Melree Asks:

Hey matt. I also have MS and am taking Copaxone. I was wondering what made you be so open with your diagnosis I have only told my closest friends and family memebers but you have an entire blog about it.

Progress Update: My Important Announcement


Today I would like to make a very important announcement, an announcement that I’ve been waiting to make for a long, long, time. I have put much thought into when and how I would make this announcement and finally I believe I have found the appropriate answer.

Personal Q&A Session 1

Christine Jones

Progress Update: Matt’s Home Peripheral Vision Test

Photobucket Last time I went to see an optometrist my vision had not really changed at all but in the last couple of days I KNOW that my vision has been changing, I have an appointment with my optometrist on Thursday but I wanted to set something up while I waited to monitor my vision progress. I came up with the chart shown in the above image, below is a video about how it works but I will explain it in text for those of you who cannot watch the video.

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