Quick Exacerbation Progress Update: Not Too Good…

Today my walking is horrible! I can hardly coordinate my left leg and arm and it’s really frustrating! My vision is horrible as well, I don’t know if it’s getting worse or not but using the computer is definitely much more difficult than it was a week ago… I also feel like my vision related headaches are coming back, no fun!..

I saw my neurologist today and found out that the tingly sensation I feel in my legs when I tilt my head down is nothing, it’s really common, in fact, it’s one of the questions they ask patients when multiple sclerosis is suspected. I also got a medication for my restless leg syndrome along with potassium tablets because they are upping my steroid dosage, I’ll start taking the extra steroids tomorrow so hopefully that will help with my exacerbation.

I gave myself my shot in my right thigh today, luckily it was not like yesterday, I didn’t even feel it, must have something to do with the spot I chose so I was happy with that. Tomorrow I inject in my stomach, a little nervous about that one, such a sensitive spot! Considering it is mostly fatty tissue I probably won’t feel anything but it’s still scary! That’s about it for today, thanks for reading!

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