Progress Update: Milestone 1: Remission or Not, Here I come!


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Today I would like to make a special progress update, “Milestone 1”. I want to compare in detail where all my symptoms are at in relation to where they were when I wrote my introduction article to my multiple sclerosis. As symptoms slowly heal, it’s easy to overlook the gradual progress one has made, so by comparing and contrasting it should be much easier to see just how much better I really have got in the last few weeks.

List of Original Symptoms With Progress Updates:
  • Numbness on right side of body
    (Most the feeling has returned to the right side my body, it doesn’t feel natural but for the most part I can tell the difference between hot and cold and if I’m being poked by a sharp object)
  • Extreme skin sensitivity to cold on right side of body (on skin) (This has not changed much, in fact there was a period of time where it got better but now I am back to where I started, very sensitive!)
  • Drop foot in left leg
    (My foot is not dragging as bad as it used to but that might just be because I have learned to compensate for my dropping foot, I’ve adapted my methods of walking, so I think, but there is still definitely much weakness in my left leg but not nearly as bad as it was before, much better!!)
  • Occasional muscle tremors in left leg
    (This seems to have gone away)
  • Loss of fine motor control in left hand
    (This fluctuates by the day, sometimes it’s great and other times I hardly have any coordination and my arm will feel limp)
  • Loss of taste
    (Most of my taste seems to have returned)
  • Noticeable slowing of cognitive abilities
    (This also comes and goes, a lot of it seems to do with the heat, I can feel myself thinking much slower when it’s hot and I have a hard time recalling things or finding the right words to piece together my sentences)
  • Impaired hand eye coordination
    (This comes and goes on a daily basis, mostly depending on the heat it seems)
  • Occasional slurred speech
    (Once again this is a come and go symptom depending on the heat or how tired I am. For the most part, this doesn’t bug me often, but sometimes I can feel my speech starting to slur and it’s annoying)
  • Loss of balance and ability to walk

    (My balance is much better along with my walking, I have gone on two hikes in the last couple of weeks and I can almost do a mini jog kind of thing, it’s not quite running but it’s a faster pace than walking, so much much better! My limp does however get significantly worse in the heat…)

  • Impaired vision
    (My vision is still horrible! But I honestly have to say that it may have improved a little bit over the last week or two. Today I noticed I could read street signs without my glasses on so I suppose that is proof that they are getting better but they still suck!
  • Severe hiccups
    (So far, no hiccups, THANK GOD!
  • Restless leg syndrome
    (I have been on an anti-seizure medication for the last week or two, it helps a lot! I don’t think I’ve ever slept so thoroughly in my life! Waking up is kind of hard though, I have heard people compare it to a hangover but I wouldn’t know LOL)
So from the looks of it I’m getting much better! I FEEL much better! In fact, yesterday I took another trip to Forest Falls with my friends Phil and Jeri. It was an awesome day! The weather was beautiful, we set up our picnic area in a nice shaded clearing, we went for a walk along the river, barbecued some lunch, went on a treacherous hike to a hidden waterfall near an old gold mining area, barbecued dinner and called it a day! I was able to get around pretty damn well especially with the help of my handy-dandy walking stick! Coming down on the hike I I have to admit, I slipped and fell on my butt a couple of times but so did Phill, it was a really difficult hike, it would have given me trouble even if I wasn’t halfway disabled! But I still did it! Take that MS!
Below is a video clip of our trip to Forest Falls, I have also included a slide-show of some of our pictures, click it to view the entire album! Hope you enjoy! I’m hoping to finish some educational articles about multiple sclerosis soon, I’ll keep you posted thanks for reading! -Matt
CLICK HERE to view Photo Album 1 
CLICK HERE to view my scenery pictures!


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