Progress Update: Matt’s Air Conditioning Enhancement Unit-3000 (MACEU-3000)


So, today has been hot! Both inside and out, my walking and arm have been greatly affected, my limp is worse and I have about 40% control of my arm and the fine motor control in my hand… So I’ve been frustrated all day! My mom and I are still in the process of negotiating a room swap so that I can use the window air-conditioning unit I have without showing it’s beauty off to the rest of the neighborhood. It’s going be a few days before I can get that all set up but after my drastic drop in progress today I decided I was not going to wait for a cool environment.

The problem with my bedroom is that it faces south, from sun up till sundown the sun radiates against my window. My room also has the lowest air-conditioning vent pressure in the house, even if I close all the other vents in the house but mine, my room is still hotter than anyone else’s…. So today I flipped on the creative side of my brain and came up with a solution. A ghetto custom-made box fan vent thing to replace the standard vent my house came with. The idea was that the fan blade would suck out all the cool air from the house’s ventilation system and blow it into my room. Watch the video below:

(When the AC is not pumping my room reaches around the mid-80s)


For those of you who can’t watch the video, it is a complete piece of crap, it’s made of cardboard, tape, and lots of glue, totally ghetto but guess what, it works! My room is much cooler now and that’s all that matters until I can switch bedrooms and use my air-conditioning unit.

On a side note I’m a little disappointed today, I won’t be able to attend the camping trip this week that I was planning on going on, the weather is just going to be too hot for me and after as much damage the heat did to me today, I am not going to put myself through any more misery…. I’m just going to wait till winter when it’s nice and cold. So I’m a little bummed out but oh well, just going to focus on my writing this week, writing and exercise… Need to push my recovery, this exacerbation is getting old… I’m pretty much over it, I want it gone ha ha so hopefully I will see some forward progress in the next week or two.

4 Responses to Progress Update: Matt’s Air Conditioning Enhancement Unit-3000 (MACEU-3000)

  1. jgycay says:

    I feel so bad for you. I told my husband, God Bless our Central Air. I can't imagine my MS without it. Even with the Air, My MS is worse when it's Hot and Humid.
    I know how you feel about saying your exacerbation is "getting old". I must say that to myself EVERY DAY! It's been a little over 3 months and I've had enough already. Hang in there. I completely understand how you feel.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Haha well, I'm making the best of it, believe it or not my little contraption is working great so it will hold me over lol.

  3. Rain says:

    Yes today is very hot and we must have our air conditioning unit at home to comfort us. Too much warm can cause stroke to high blood people so to prevent from that specially today that it is very hot we should install even one unit.

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeeeeeah I'm not trying to stroke out lol but my blood pressure is usually perfect, Ill have to research it more!

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