Progress Update: Lifestyle Changes

– Matt’s new clothing line lol, the symbol on my shoulder is my new tattoo design –

Okay, so not too much physical progress so far, it’s been SUPER hot in Moreno Valley, yesterday was 107 degrees…. You saw that I had created a small contraption to help keep my bedroom cool, though it did help reduce the room temperature by a few degrees, I was not satisfied. I wanted my window A/C unit! So I spent all day yesterday switching bedrooms with my brother’s, so now I have a room that faces north rather than south. Already I feel a major difference and on Tuesday my buddy Phill is going to help me install my A/C unit, heat should no longer be a problem as long as I am inside, time to finally feel comfortable! This may even help my exacerbation progress! I can’t wait Because the heat REALLY DOES affect me A LOT, I blame my pause of progress on the recent heat! Yesterday my walking was horrible and I had almost no control my left arm…. It was miserable, today is a little better but I can feel the effects from yesterday still wearing off. Just need to relax for a while.

I also wanted to mention, yesterday my uncle Ken sent me a text asking me to list at least two lifestyle changes I’ve made so far. I thought I would post my answer: So far, I have eliminated every bit of junk food that I can, no chips, no crackers, no cookies, no sweets, and almost no fast food. The only fast food I really have eaten is El Pollo Loco, and that’s because I can get chicken, beans, and rice but even that I hardly eat. I am going to also slowly start working vegetables into my diet, something that will be hard for someone as picky as I am, but I need them, it’s good for my health, so I got-a do what I got-a do….

We are almost done setting up our new home gym, just waiting to pick up a bike machine, so I’m slowly starting to get my exercise on. I also only take cold showers now, as cold as I can, I am trying to eliminate every source of heat possible!


Other than that I am really focusing on my mental state of being, staying positive! Staying active! I thank my friends Phill and Jeri in particular, they have been hanging out with me and taking me out a lot lately, it feels good to get out and spend time with people! We went on our boating trip, our hiking trip in Forest Falls, and we were SUPPOSED to go camping this week but I had to cancel due to the heat the weather was bringing…. They were disappointed because they already had reservations, I told him not to worry about it and go on without me but being the great friends that they are, they canceled and accepted the $20 cancellation fee and instead plan on taking me to spend the day in San Diego on Wednesday! GHOST TOURS! My friends are awesome!

Besides being social, I have really been focusing on my writing, my new passion. I’m currently working on a small novel and my second screenplay and if all goes according to plan I will be done with the rough drafts in about two months. I’m really excited, I hope it’s not complete garbage haha! Either way it’s keeping me busy! So for now, that’s about it, Now that I am in a much more comfortable, cooled down environment we will see if I start making some forward progress again. I will keep everyone posted! Thanks for reading!

 – My New Kitty friend lol –
CLICK HERE to see the rest of the kittens!

4 Responses to Progress Update: Lifestyle Changes

  1. Charlotte says:

    Oh, cute kitty friend!

  2. jgycay says:

    First I love the T-Shirt! Of course the kitty is adorable. They make you forget all your worries for a while. My cat does that for me.
    Hang in there. I know I'm trying. The heat finally broke here in Ohio. That makes things more tolerable for me. Still not better, but tolerable.

  3. Matt Allen G says:

    Lol YES! Gotta love the kitties lol and yeah the heat should be leaving here soon, I swear, I'm going to be in the mountains everyday when it starts to snow lol! My new dream is to save up with 3 of my friends and get a little mountain house in Forest Falls for like 70K, lol I love it up there! The weather and nature is PERFECT for me Can't wait!!

  4. MSadventure says:

    Have MS also so offering my hope and support. Also used to live in Southern Cali and man I miss Pollo Loco!! Lol

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