Progress Update: Doing Better Today


The T-Shirts are Spreading!

Ok, falling behind on my updates…. So today I did pretty well, walking was great and so was my fine motor control and I was able to play piano a little better today (sorry no video). Still haven’t installed my window AC but it was decent in my room for the most part, it did hit about 79 degrees at one point but it was ok….

Yesterday I officially started trying to incorporate vegetables into my diet, even filmed it to prove it haha… Just lettuce in my chicken pita but it’s a start!

Tomorrow I am going back to Forest Falls with Phil and Jeri, we are going to BBQ up there. Take lots of pictures and video, and maybe even take a dip in the icy cold water! Should be lots of fun! Can’t wait!

Well sorry I haven’t been writing in the last couple of days, should be back on track now, I will also have some new articles soon! Thanks for reading!

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