MS Exacerbation Update: Big Bear Lake

My walking seems to be heading back on track today, last night it was horrible, I am certain that it was a result of the heat. It was really hot in the house last night and I was helping my parents put together a new desk for the computer, I was breaking a sweat, and my symptoms all seemed to be getting worse, walking, balance, vision, hand eye coordination, fine motor control, and not to mention my patience… So now I know at what level heat will start affecting my MS symptoms.

I slept well last night, and this morning I feel pretty good compared to last night. My balance is a little off but for the most part I’m walking around okay. Speaking of getting around okay, yesterday I went to big bear lake with my buddy Phill and his girlfriend Jeri, we rented a small boat and drove around for about an hour enjoying the cool weather, sights, as well as the many ducks following us for food.


It was a very enjoyable day trip, my balance was a little weird getting in and out of the boat but, for the most part my MS did not get in my way! To anyone out there dealing with MS, do not let MS stop you from doing the things you want to do! Obviously I would not have done this trip during the peak of an exacerbation, but I will note, I have not gone into remission yet, I am still fighting my first exacerbation yet I still enjoyed a small boating trip.

I have to cut this entry short, I’m leaving to another eye appointment soon so hopefully I can get a new prescription that will maybe help me see better… I do however plan on doing a youtube video today talking about my experience with MS so far, I’m doing this video to reach another audience, I know not everyone likes to read in fact, when I was first doing my multiple sclerosis research, I started out on youtube, lots of information and lots of people sharing their experiences. Hopefully I can reach a decent amount of people, spark some hope, and share good information. I will be sure to post my video on my blog in case anyone is interested!

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