First Exacerbation Progress Update: Stupid Heat!

Unfortunately, my walking and balance have not been so great in the last two days… yesterday my balance was all out of whack and I kept leaning to the left, my left leg was really weak. Today I awoke to find that it’s not much better… I am having a hard time controlling my left leg again, it’s not as bad as yesterday but just bad enough to be a huge nuisance.

I have a feeling that this is a result of the heat, heat can trigger symptoms or make them worse in MS. The last couple of days have been pretty hot, especially in my bedroom which faces south and is in direct sunlight all day. I am going to hopefully install a small air-conditioner in my bedroom this week, so hopefully the ability to better control the temperature in my room will help. The house A/C doesn’t pump a lot of air into my bedroom, the rest of the house gets cold just not my room, go figure… But we will see, if I can get this window A/C unit installed, I should be good to go.

Vision seems to be getting better I think, still can’t see without glasses but it’s getting harder to see with my glasses. Really hoping a new prescription will help me see better, I would love to start driving again, plus, it’s getting harder to watch TV again. I went to the movies the other day and was able to enjoy that pretty well because the screen was so big however, last night I was trying to watch a movie on my laptop, and it was really blurry… Frustrating!

Speaking of last night, my back did not cause me to much pain for once, it still hurts but it wasn’t as bad as it usually is, hopefully tonight is the same if not better. Still have that weird buzzing sensation in my lower spine when I tilt my head down… Need to research that today… Other than that, I think that’s pretty much it for my update, I’ll update tomorrow as well.

2 thoughts on “First Exacerbation Progress Update: Stupid Heat!

  • February 22, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Hello Matt.

    I am really enjoying reading your MS blog. I have had MS for 10 years now, and also had a wicked 3 day hiccup attack when I was first diagnosed. You are the only other person I have ever heard of with that symptom.

    The buzzing sensation you mention is called "L'Hermitte's Sign."'s_sign


  • February 22, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    Wow you are also the ONLY person I have met who has delt with the hiccups, and yes, I have learned and written much about L'Hermitte's Sign since this posting but thanks!

    Glad you enjoy my blog!


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