Exacerbation Progress Update: Just Complaining…

Today sucks! I usually try to keep my writing as professional as possible, but I have to say, today sucks! It’s been worse before, but considering I had been getting so much better until a few days ago when I started physically falling apart again, I can’t help but to feel like today just sucks! I really don’t understand why this is happening, my doctor said sometimes it just happens this way… My walking is horrible today along with my arm… I’m having a really hard time coordinating my limbs, they kind of just flop around, especially my arm, it’s growing so limp… Vision doesn’t seem as bad today but maybe I’m just getting used to it, I don’t know… All I know is I’m sick of this! I’m trying my best to stay positive but the last few days have not been the best, I don’t know how to clear my mind, how to relax, I feel like I just need to get away but where to I don’t know, preferably somewhere I can get a massage or something ha ha… That’s all I really have to say for today, not much has changed in my health, nothing good at least, so I’m going to cut this one short before I keep complaining, no one wants to hear that so hopefully tomorrow I have some better news. Thanks for reading!

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  1. jgycay says:

    That is the part about MS I HATE! I was diagnosed on July 13, 2010 and my exacerbation began around June 25th. I'm still waiting for my "normal" self to come back. I started Avonex injections 5 weeks ago. I NEVER thought I would overcome my fear of shots. I surprised myself. It hasn't been that bad. Amazing what a person can do if they have too. Since I began my shots, I've been gaining some of what I had lost to the MS a few months ago. But, like you, I have bad days and EVERYTHING SUCKS! I enjoy your blogs. It helps to know, I'm not alone in my MS.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Wow, Avonex, how has that going for you? That one scared me away with the flulike symptoms and deep muscle injections….

    I'm still waiting to see some results from Copaxone, although, I am aware that it is a preventative medication so I can't expect TOO much as far as my exacerbation, but I did increase my steroids yesterday so hopefully that will help in the next week or so…

    I have just been so emotionally wrecked this week, so I'm sure my loss of progress has a lot to do with my emotional stress… I'm trying my best to stay positive but it's just been so hard, I hate feeling lonely and I hate showing people I'm depressed, I want to be an inspiration not a downer….

    I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog, I enjoy knowing that people are reading, it keeps me writing, it gives me purpose, so thank you! Hope all is well And hope my blog has not been too depressing lately, I'm going to make sure to not post any more personal emotional junk, I'll try to focus on technical information this week.

  3. jgycay says:

    I'll tell you what, I WAS SCARED as hell. I read sooooo many blogs that claimed that Avonex was worse than MS. I laugh now as I'm on injection #5 and have had NOT ONE side effect. I do take Tylenol prior to the shot. I actually feel better the day after my shot than any other day of the week. So, I tend to not read into all the negative stuff on-line. You have to speak for yourself. I may not have side effects with Avonext but another person will.
    I'm with you on the negative stuff. I did have to start taking depression Medication and it has helped ALOT!!!! I'm no longer in tears about everything as I was. Talking to other MS patients has been a great thing. Thus, your blog. You are a fabulous writer and I can relate to most of what you say. I'm not nearly as young as you, but I suppose were alike in our diagnosis.
    I know everyone's MS is different but to be honest, the road is sooooo similar.
    Just know that your not alone. Emotions are a part of MS that I think is the hardest part. Sure, they tell you to avoid stress. I'd love to meet someone who has figured out how to avoid it. Keep up the blogs. I enjoy it.

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    lol well honestly the deep muscle injection is what scared me, the flulike symptoms was just a huge turnoff but everyone reacts differently just like you said… I have also been on antidepressants for quite a while now, way before the MS thing and I do agree, they help a lot but occasional emotional moments are inevitable… but yes, if you meet someone who has learned the secret of all secrets on how to avoid stress, send them my way LOL.

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