Progress Update: Lifestyle Changes

Photobucket – Matt’s new clothing line lol, the symbol on my shoulder is my new tattoo design –

Okay, so not too much physical progress so far, it’s been SUPER hot in Moreno Valley, yesterday was 107 degrees…. You saw that I had created a small contraption to help keep my bedroom cool, though it did help reduce the room temperature by a few degrees, I was not satisfied. I wanted my window A/C unit! So I spent all day yesterday switching bedrooms with my brother’s, so now I have a room that faces north rather than south. Already I feel a major difference and on Tuesday my buddy Phill is going to help me install my A/C unit, heat should no longer be a problem as long as I am inside, time to finally feel comfortable! This may even help my exacerbation progress! I can’t wait Because the heat REALLY DOES affect me A LOT, I blame my pause of progress on the recent heat! Yesterday my walking was horrible and I had almost no control my left arm…. It was miserable, today is a little better but I can feel the effects from yesterday still wearing off. Just need to relax for a while.

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