Exacerbation Progress Update: Just Complaining…

Today sucks! I usually try to keep my writing as professional as possible, but I have to say, today sucks! It’s been worse before, but considering I had been getting so much better until a few days ago when I started physically falling apart again, I can’t help but to feel like today just sucks! I really don’t understand why this is happening, my doctor said sometimes it just happens this way… My walking is horrible today along with my arm… I’m having a really hard time coordinating my limbs, they kind of just flop around, especially my arm, it’s growing so limp… Vision doesn’t seem as bad today but maybe I’m just getting used to it, I don’t know… All I know is I’m sick of this! I’m trying my best to stay positive but the last few days have not been the best, I don’t know how to clear my mind, how to relax, I feel like I just need to get away but where to I don’t know, preferably somewhere I can get a massage or something ha ha… That’s all I really have to say for today, not much has changed in my health, nothing good at least, so I’m going to cut this one short before I keep complaining, no one wants to hear that so hopefully tomorrow I have some better news. Thanks for reading!

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Quick Exacerbation Progress Update: Not Too Good…

Today my walking is horrible! I can hardly coordinate my left leg and arm and it’s really frustrating! My vision is horrible as well, I don’t know if it’s getting worse or not but using the computer is definitely much more difficult than it was a week ago… I also feel like my vision related headaches are coming back, no fun!..

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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Multiple Sclerosis

=&0=& Please do not follow this guide, after much research I have realized there are so many errors when it comes to applying this diet to MS… I will revise ASAP. -Matt =&1=&

So, I’ve been trying to research a good diet to get into the habit of following because it seems that dieting is a big thing in the world of multiple sclerosis. I am currently studying the anti-inflammatory diet, but of course like any other diet I’ve researched, no one breaks it down in plaintext or any kind of easy to follow guide. In this article I will attempt to compile all the information I have found regarding this diet in an easy-to-follow guide, but remember I have no medical degree of any kind, I’m not a dietitian nor is dieting my specialty. This information is meant to be more of an aid, you should always talk to a doctor or dietitian before following any kind of diet to make sure it is safe and in the best interest for your health.

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