Progress Update: Milestone 1: Remission or Not, Here I come!

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Today I would like to make a special progress update, “Milestone 1”. I want to compare in detail where all my symptoms are at in relation to where they were when I wrote my introduction article to my multiple sclerosis. As symptoms slowly heal, it’s easy to overlook the gradual progress one has made, so by comparing and contrasting it should be much easier to see just how much better I really have got in the last few weeks.

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Progress Update: Lifestyle Changes

Photobucket – Matt’s new clothing line lol, the symbol on my shoulder is my new tattoo design –

Okay, so not too much physical progress so far, it’s been SUPER hot in Moreno Valley, yesterday was 107 degrees…. You saw that I had created a small contraption to help keep my bedroom cool, though it did help reduce the room temperature by a few degrees, I was not satisfied. I wanted my window A/C unit! So I spent all day yesterday switching bedrooms with my brother’s, so now I have a room that faces north rather than south. Already I feel a major difference and on Tuesday my buddy Phill is going to help me install my A/C unit, heat should no longer be a problem as long as I am inside, time to finally feel comfortable! This may even help my exacerbation progress! I can’t wait Because the heat REALLY DOES affect me A LOT, I blame my pause of progress on the recent heat! Yesterday my walking was horrible and I had almost no control my left arm…. It was miserable, today is a little better but I can feel the effects from yesterday still wearing off. Just need to relax for a while.

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Progress Update: Matt’s Air Conditioning Enhancement Unit-3000 (MACEU-3000)


So, today has been hot! Both inside and out, my walking and arm have been greatly affected, my limp is worse and I have about 40% control of my arm and the fine motor control in my hand… So I’ve been frustrated all day! My mom and I are still in the process of negotiating a room swap so that I can use the window air-conditioning unit I have without showing it’s beauty off to the rest of the neighborhood. It’s going be a few days before I can get that all set up but after my drastic drop in progress today I decided I was not going to wait for a cool environment.

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